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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

In addition to completing the "Scholar as Citizen" colloquium (INTD 450), there are a number of projects that Advanced Honors students can choose to complete the Advanced Honors requirements. One of them is the Honors independent-study project, which is pursued under direction of a suitable faculty member.

To gain approval of their project, students must obtain a tutorial form from the individual dean's office at the appropriate locations:

School of Arts & Sciences – Dean’s Office, 106 Dunn Hall
School of Education and Professional Studies – Dean’s Office, 117 Satterlee Hall
Crane School of Music - Associate Dean's Office, C218 or C221 Bishop Hall

On this form, students must explain how their proposed Advanced Honors independent-study project meets the following Honors criteria:

  • Promotion of active learning
  • Emphasis on theoretical aspects of the proposed area of inquiry
  • Emphasis on student-initiated discovery
  • The addition of breadth or depth to the knowledge base of the Honors student, beyond what is available through standard course offerings
  • The inclusion of an interdisciplinary focus

Once both the Honors student's supervising professor and the Honors Program Director have approved the proposal, it should then be forwarded to the department chair and dean for his or her approval. From there it should be sent to the Registrar's Office so that it can be entered as an "/HNR" section in the appropriate semester's schedule of classes.

Once the project is completed, the supervising professor must contact the Honors Program Director by email, certifying that the project is completed.