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Adolescence Education, Science

B.A./M.S.T. in Adolescence Education: Science

The B.A./M.S.T. Adolescence Education: Science program offers two options:

  • Option A – Secondary and Middle School certification in a single science content area (5th/6th grade extension)
  • Option B – Secondary certification in two science content areas

Caring, experienced faculty, and the opportunity to interact with regional teachers and students throughout the programs, make for an authentic experience in preparation for an exciting and rewarding career.

Note: The MST portion of this program is fully online.



Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the utilization of technology in the classroom by designing a lesson plan that makes connections to their content area.
  • develop a learning segment that demonstrates appropriate connections to NYSSLS (New York State Science Learning Standards).
  • develop and implement a learning segment using NYSSLS to demonstrate the use of multiple instructional strategies to engage all students.
  • develop and implement a learning segment on topics related to NYSSLS to analyze learning gains for individual students, the class, and subgroups of students to inform future planning and teaching.

Career Outlook

Employment of middle and high school teachers is projected to grow 4-5 percent from 2021 to 2031. Teachers with science expertise are in high demand, making a teacher education degree from SUNY Potsdam’s renowned programs particularly valuable. Pay for middle and high school teachers in New York is among the highest in the nation.

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Mentor for the Next Generation

Encouraged by his mother to pursue a career in teaching, Noah White ’22 transferred to SUNY Potsdam in the spring of 2019 to combine his passion for chemistry and education. He is now completing his second student teaching placement as he wraps up the College’s BA / MST program in secondary science education.

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“The professors are engaging and focused on setting you up for success in the education field. This program includes two student teaching placements as well as 100 hours of fieldwork in the classroom providing hands-on experiences and exposure to teaching methods currently used in today’s classrooms.”

Alison Lofink '14 & '19