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Information for Faculty

Mission Statement

The Potsdam Pathways curriculum provides our graduates with competencies, literacies, and experiences that enrich students’ lives. The Potsdam Pathways develops our students’ potential so that they graduate from SUNY Potsdam as active lifelong learners and problem solvers.

Working through a series of purposeful and incremental requirements that connect and integrate knowledge from major programs and across disciplines, students will develop:

  • Competencies in Critical Thinking, Writing, Speaking, & Information Literacy (Ways of Beginning)

    Potsdam graduates will generate well-reasoned and creative approaches to historical and contemporary issues, problems, and challenges by locating, evaluating, synthesizing and contextualizing relevant sources of information. They will articulate ideas in a coherent, logical, and compelling manner in written, oral, and/or visual forms.

    Ways of Beginning
  • Literacies in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, & Natural Sciences (Ways of Thinking)

    Potsdam graduates will demonstrate a familiarity with the methods, concepts, processes, and creative and cultural expressions of the liberal arts and sciences adequate to make relevant and informed decisions.

    Ways of Thinking
  • Connections Between the Classroom and the World (Ways of Connecting)
    Potsdam graduates will demonstrate an understanding of multiple worldviews and perspectives. In addition, they will apply their learning by integrating abilities, theories, and methodologies to grapple with complex problems. They will identify possible solutions and communicate their findings in forms appropriate to their disciplines.

    Ways of Connecting

View complete list of courses which have been approved for Pathways designators. Note: this list is available only to those with a Campus Computer Account (CCA).