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Sports Medicine Athletic Clearance Checklist

For New Athletes & Athletes Transferring In

  1. Create a profile on ATS by August 1st
    1. Username: new ; Password: new ; Database: atspotsdam
      1. Once you have created the profile, change the athlete ID and password to your Potsdam email login info
    2. Visit ATS website
    3. View Instructional Video
  2. Fill out a Participation Statement on ATS by August 1st
  3. Fill out a Concussion Statement on ATS by August 1st
  4. Submit your sickle cell test results on ATS by August 1st. Note: proof of sickle cell testing is required by the NCAA.
  5. Submit the Potsdam Athletics Physical form and Questionnaire by mail (make a copy first), fax, attach it as a Form on ATS, or in-person by August 1st (Do Not Email)
  6. Schedule your ATS baseline concussion test as soon as you arrive on campus