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SUNY Potsdam Names Teresa Fishbeck an Honorary Alumna

July 22, 2019

Longtime Supporter Teresa Fishbeck of Aroda, Va., is Given Honorary Lifetime Membership in the SUNY Potsdam Alumni Association

The SUNY Potsdam Alumni Association recently honored former student and longtime supporter Teresa Fishbeck with Honorary Lifetime Membership during the College’s Reunion Weekend.

Honorary Lifetime Membership is presented to non-alums who have made exceptional contributions to the SUNY Potsdam Alumni Association and/or the College. Fishbeck was recognized for her dedication to enhancing the lives of SUNY Potsdam students, and in appreciation for her extraordinary generosity to the College.

About the recipient:

Teresa Fishbeck, a former SUNY Potsdam student, is one of America’s emerging new artists whose professional and personal accomplishments can be directly attributed to her experience at Potsdam.

Growing up on a farm and helping to raise her family, Fishbeck’s duties left little time for her to explore the arts. It wasn’t until high school, when she enrolled in her first art class, that she realized the artistic qualities and creativity that she was gifted with. With a growing appreciation of the arts, Fishbeck enrolled at SUNY Potsdam to pursue a degree in the fine arts.

In her sophomore year at SUNY Potsdam, she met and fell in love with her soulmate, Ron Fishbeck ’80, now a member of the Potsdam College Foundation Board of Trustees. When Ron graduated, Teresa made the decision to follow him, as they got married and started a family. Although she later completed her degree at another college, the amazing experiences and opportunities she had at SUNY Potsdam made a lasting impact on all aspects of her life.

Teresa’s love and promotion of the arts and her array of accomplishments—such as creating the Fishbeck Gallery & Studio, as well as designing and overseeing the process of building their dream home—are a direct result of the impact of her time at SUNY Potsdam.

The Fishbecks are among the most generous donors to SUNY Potsdam, having given a total of well over $500,000 through two endowed scholarships: the first scholarship is in support of students conducting internships in computer science, and the second scholarship is for students pursuing a career in the arts or sciences.

In addition to their financial support, they have been very generous with their time and talents, further exhibiting their dedication and passion for Potsdam and a liberal arts education. Through their charitable giving, as well as volunteer service, they are forever changing the lives of SUNY Potsdam students.

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About SUNY Potsdam:

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