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Governor Cuomo Launches Excelsior Scholarship to Improve College Affordability


SUNY Potsdam Students Could Receive Tuition Assistance Beginning Fall 2017

Governor Cuomo just announced a truly unique program for our students. The Excelsior Scholarship is the first-of-its-kind tuition-free program in the nation. Although the details are still unfolding, SUNY Potsdam is supportive of the Governor’s new groundbreaking Excelsior Scholarship. 

Undergraduate tuition at SUNY Potsdam is currently $6,470 per year. Although room and board is not covered by this scholarship, the tuition savings for those students who apply and who qualify would amount to a savings up to $25,880 for four years of undergraduate education. This is a tremendous savings that will not burden our students as they enter the workforce. 

The Excelsior Scholarship will be phased in over three years, beginning in Fall 2017. It will first apply to families who earn $100,000 or less, then to those who earn $110,000 or less in 2018 and eventually reaching $125,000 or less in 2019. Approximately thirty percent of our students will initially benefit from this program, with that number increasing as the program continues to roll out over the next few years.

We are thrilled that Governor Cuomo has made affordable higher education a priority for his administration and we look forward to working with our students to ensure a smooth transition as the program is phased in over the next few years.         

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