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Bear Express

Bear Express provides you with flexible purchasing power in a variety of ways. To learn more about how Bear Express works, check out these frequently asked questions & answers:

What is a Bear Express account?
Your Bear Express account is an optional spending account.

How much money is on the account?
Nothing: you must opt into an account every year. If you opt in the Fall semester the same amount will appear on the bill in the second semester. Students can add up to $500 each semester and place it on their student bill (within 7 days of the start of classes). This is very helpful if you are waiting for a financial aid package. Since it is subject to NYS sales tax, any unused balances will rollover from fall to spring semester.

Do you want to add more than $500?  If you have enough financial aid and expect a refund for the semester you can request a Bear Express increase by submitting this form. Requests will be reviewed AFTER the semester bill is available.

How to I add to my Bear Express account?
Adding money to Bear Express after the first seven days of classes will require approval from Onestop using this form.

Where can I use Bear Express on campus?
You can use your Bear Express all over campus. It's accepted at The College Store, Union Market, copiers, vending machines, SGA/CPS Box Office, Student Health Services, College Libraries and all PACES dining locations.

Can I use Bear Express off-campus?
Yes! There are several local merchants who accept Bear Express, look for the Bear Express Accepted Here signs in local businesses or refer to "Participating Off-Campus Merchants" for a comprehensive list of these businesses.

Do I have to have a Bear Express account?
No- the account may be canceled or the amount changed online via BearPAWS. Changes must be made within a week of the start of classes.

Do I have to opt in to Bear Express every semester?
Yes, you must opt in every Fall semester. The amount of money selected in the Fall will automatically be billed in the spring semester. You can change that amount between semesters through BearPAWS. (if you chose to apply $300 in the fall and do not select a different amount, $300 will be put on the account in Spring as well).

What if I still have unused money on the account after the academic year is over?
Bear Express balances of $20 or over will be credited to your student account. If your student account does not have any outstanding balances, a refund will result at the end of the academic year.

How do I add to my Bear Express Account?
You can add funds to your account with a credit card through BearPAWS. You can also add money at the cash registers in any PACES Dining Service location, or at the PACES/SUNYCard office in Merritt Hall.

How do I check my balance or make changes to my Bear Express account?
Changes to Bear Express amounts must be made Changes must be made within a week of the start of classes on BearPAWS.