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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at SUNY Potsdam believes that Institutional Assessment activities must be grounded in sound research strategies and that the primary objective of assessment is to produce information that can be used for decision making and institutional improvement.

In many ways, the following information represents a "work in progress" as we transition towards an ultimate technology using data dashboards with key performance indicators. In providing the information on this website, we are striving for simplicity and clarity in communication of institutional assessment results. As you use these data to inform strategic planning, decision-making and resource allocation, and you have further questions regarding the validity, reliability, confidence intervals, tests of significance or other psycho-metrics related to the assessment tools used, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness for specifics.

Academic Department Profile (Trends)
Provide five year trends of academic department statistics. The data includes: Academic Credits Generated, Student and Faculty FTE Generated, Number of Majors and Minors Student/Faculty Ratio's. (campus access only)

Daily Statistical Reports (Enrollment)
Contains student headcount, credit hours generated and generated student FTE statistics on a daily basis for the term specified. The report will be updated daily once the term begins and will continue to be updated until the census date is reached for that term.

The Student Fact Book
Provides five year Fall term enrollment trend data for total, undergraduate, graduate, academic program enrollment, degrees granted and retention/graduation data. (campus access only)

The Academic Major Stats
Provide reports of academic major statistics. The data includes breakouts by age, gender, ethnicity within major. Included is average high school GPA, rank, average test scores, and average transfer GPA by major. Also included is a one year persistence report. (campus access only)

The Common Data Set (CDS)
Provides a variety of statistical information that is used to complete national surveys. This data is collected on an annual basis.

Additional Statistics

  • Workforce Statistics
    The Office of Human Resources and Employment in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, compile a Workforce Statistics Report of Faculty and Employee trend data including workforce demographics, hiring statistics, and FTE by Department. View Workforce Statistics
  • Student Career Planning/Tracking Report
    Click here to view the Career Services 'First Destination Survey' which contains data relating to graduate's employment status and graduate or professional school enrollment.