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Carson Hall Renovations

Renovation overview

The main purpose of this renovation is to add an elevator at each end of Carson Hall, so that the upper floors of Carson, Morey and MacVicar are accessible for all. Additionally, the building infrastructure systems are due to be updated to more modern and energy efficient systems. The second floor will include classrooms, a Dean’s suite for The School of Arts and Sciences, and newly renovated restrooms. The third floor will be dedicated to new mechanical equipment. One of our most historic buildings is expected to become one of our most desired buildings on campus!  Construction began in November 2022, and we hope to be complete for the fall 2024 semester.


These exciting changes will bring some growing pains for the campus. The Carson classrooms are closed until construction is complete. Several functions have relocated, as follows:

  • The Veteran and Adult Learner Lounge has relocated to Morey Hall Room 149. 
  • The Writer’s Block has relocated to Sisson Hall Room 142. 
  • The Math Lab has relocated to MacVicar Hall Room 102. 
  • Some Math and Philosophy faculty offices have moved to adjacent rooms within Morey and MacVicar Halls. 

Carson Hall Renovation – Winter Break 2023 Closures

The Carson Hall Renovation is continuing to make progress and we are still aiming for a Spring 2024 completion. Paint and ceramic tile finishes are being installed. The elevator shafts are complete and awaiting the elevator contractor to start installation. Mechanical equipment was recently lifted to the 3rd floor and moved into place, so the next steps are to make all necessary connections and eventually testing. With finishes being installed, we will need to close the Morey/Carson and MacVicar Carson vestibules during Winter Break. We expect these vestibules to close Monday, December 18th, after Final Exams. Please see the partial campus map (PDF) for reference, as foot traffic will need to be rerouted to alternate Morey and MacVicar entrance/exits. The Carson Mail Room will be accessible from the loading dock, like Summer 2023. The vestibules will reopen for the Spring 2024 semester.  

Carson Mailboxes and Mail window - Not accessible 12/18/2023-1/19/2024
Access to the Carson Hall Mailroom window and boxes will be restricted, with limited hours, due to construction. A mail drop-off and pick-up route and schedule have been developed to serve areas that won't be able to reach the space outside those times. Please see below.

Timeframes for weekday pickup/drop off at Carson Mailroom (from MacVicar corridor or Loading Dock entrance):  

  • 7:45 - 8:30 a.m. 
  • 12:30 - 1 p.m. 
  • 1:30 - 2:45 p.m.

Delivery and pick-up:

  1. The departments in Morey and Carson will be added to the mail route. Delivery and pick in their office.
  2. The departments in Stillman and MacVicar will be able to pick up and drop off mail using the entrance door to the mail room from the hallway in MacVicar.
  3. Raymond Hall will have flat trays (buckets) set up in the basement of Raymond for off campus and campus mail, which will be picked up at 1 p.m. Monday-Friday. Any urgent mailings required after this time will have to be brought over to mailroom or left for next day pickup. Raymond Hall departments can pick up (and drop off if they wish) mail using the entrance door to the mail room located on the loading dock or hallway in MacVicar.

Contact info: Carson Mailroom ext. 2186 or Student Mailroom ext. 2730. For all Mail Room concerns, please contact John Cote or Carey Latrielle.

Project Contact

We appreciate your patience as we work through this project and prepare for positive changes to our beloved campus. Courtney Bloodough will be the point of contact on this project, if you have any questions or concerns.