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Space Prioritization and Allocation Committee

All SUNY Potsdam buildings and land belong to the College as a whole and are subject to the assignment and reassignment to meet the institution’s overall priorities and needs. The Space Priority and Allocation Committee is charged with the responsibility and authority for reviewing all space requests and making recommendations regarding space assignments. Recommendations of the Space Priority and Allocation Committee are subject to review and approval by the President and the President’s Council.


The Committee makes non-binding recommendations to the president on issues and proposals involving campus facilities. The committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. To review requests that involve significant physical change, change of function, reassignment of space to another department or organization, long-term allocation of College space (building and grounds) and/or alternatives to space usage and to make recommendations to the president. Normally, the president, vice presidents or affiliated organizations will request committee review of proposals.

  2. To review designs and concerns regarding campus grounds, plantings, signage, roads, etc. weighing all new proposals in light of their contribution to campus aesthetics and physical harmony.

  3. To facilitate the process of an annual assessment of space usage on campus.

  4. On at least a biannual basis, to visit identified space assets on campus, with additional review as needed.

The Committee has the authority to form subcommittees and designate members from the campus community to oversee a specific part of the master plan, e.g., space utilization, etc.