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Savita Hanspal

Assistant Professor

Dunn Hall 207
TEL: (315) 267-2208

I have a passion for teaching and promote learning that can be applied by students to the real world by getting them to work on experiential projects. The inherent belief that interactive learning promotes engagement and commitment to acquiring knowledge guides me in my profession. I like to go the extra mile to help students learn as sharing knowledge and experiences increases the willingness to learn and is important to raise empathetic and skilled beings . I teach undergraduate and graduate courses-both in the face to face and online modes. At the undergraduate level, Digital and Social media marketing, Marketing research, Principles of marketing and Advertising and Sales Promotion, International Marketing and Business to Business Marketing. I also teach the following courses to MBA students online with the Empire State University; Global marketing management, Marketing research, Corporate communication and marketing strategy Marketing analytics and Global leadership competencies. I have been an academician, consultant and researcher and worked with government organizations, private sector and not for profit organizations in both US and India. Below are some of the examples for Board Memberships and work with not for profit organizations Board Member & Treasurer, Womens Leadership Initiative (YWLI), Potsdam, New York. April, 2017-till date. VP Research and Analytics, NYCRAMA, September 1, 2015 to December, 2016. EVP Communications, NYCRAMA (New York Capital Region American Marketing Association) July, 2014- August 31, 2016. I have been engaged as an academic member of the COPOLCO (Consumer Policy Committee) and Bureau of Indian Standards on the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility of Business representing India.

Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)(Marketing) University of Delhi, India. Thesis: Lifestyles of Middle-class in Delhi: Implications for Marketing Strategies. Supervisor: Prof D.P.S. Verma. Master of Philosophy in Marketing (M.Phil.)(Marketing) University of Delhi. Minors: Research Methodology, Quantitative Techniques, Operations Research. Dissertation: Role of packaging (Pharmaceuticals, Fast Food, Bakery products), Supervisor: Prof D.P.S. Verma.

Master in Commerce (M.COM.), University of Delhi. Major: Marketing, Finance.

Bachelor in Commerce (B.COM.(Honors)). Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. Major: Business Management and Administration. High School, Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Courses: Economics, Domestic Science, Sanskrit, English, Hindi.

Professional Certifications Certificate in Digital Marketing. June-September, 2015. The Digital Marketing Boot Camp, AMA Marketing Educators Conference, August, 2015. Web Training on teaching Internet Marketing. AMA, May 2015. Certificate: Introduction to R: Data Scientists Tool Box. Coursera, John Hopkins, April 2015. Licensed Realtor 2017: Marketing Real Estate

Peer Reviewed Publications: Hanspal, Savita and P. Raj Devasagayam. 2017. Impact of Consumers Self-Image and Demographics on Preference for Healthy Labeled Foods. SAGE Open Journal, January-March: 118 The Authors, hDttOpsI://1d0o.i.1o1rg7/71/02.1157872/241450812464607176362775.

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Book Chapters:

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