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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Professional Development

Funding for Academic and Professional Faculty Development

Funding for academic and professional faculty development is available from a number of departments on campus. Professional development is defined broadly at SUNY Potsdam and can include travel to professional conferences, curriculum and course development projects, faculty members' own research and creative work, mentored research with undergraduate and graduate students, enhancing pedagogical or information technology skills, and other activities that contribute to the engagement in one's discipline and updating of skills related to one's job. This web page is intended to help faculty members identify potential sources of funding for specific projects.

What do you want to do?

As various departments support different kinds of professional development, this information is organized by type of project. The first step is to identify the nature of the projects for which you are seeking funding; then look for funding in that category, recognizing that some projects may fall in more than one category:

I. Curriculum Development

II. Research, Scholarship, and Creative work

III. General Professional Development

A general piece of advice: Read The Reporter and the weekly electronic campus newsletter. Deadlines for professional development programs and descriptions of new opportunities are often included.