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Instructional Method Definitions

Instructional Method Description Definition
1 Not Online No direct instruction delivered online
2 Asynchronous Online The course is 100% online and all direct instruction occurs under time delay; that is, direct instruction is recorded/stored and accessed later.  These courses include NO requirements for face-to-face contact, on-site instruction, or for the student to be online at specified times (excepting proctored exams).
3 Synchronous Online 100% of the Direct instruction occurs in real time without (time) delay. This course has been created with an instructional designer and complies with the SUNY Online Course Quality Review rubric (OSCQR)
4 Combined Online The course is 100% online and direct instruction combines both synchronous and asynchronous types in any proportion.  Faculty must clearly outline the schedule requirements for the synchronous component(s) so students can determine their ability to meet those requirements.
5 Hybrid Section where a portion (0.01% - 99.9%) of the direct instruction of the course section’s curricular content is delivered to the student via an online communication  method and the remaining  portion of the direct instruction is required to be delivered face to face.
6 Hyflex Combines online and face-to-face instruction simultaneously into one single course section. Students are able to participate in class in different ways: as a synchronous distance learner (via real-time, video-streaming); as an asynchronous distance learner (accessing materials, recorded lectures, and responding at a later time); as a face-to-face learner (physically present in the classroom); or as a flexible learner (with a degree of choice as to how they participate each week; sometimes face-to-face, sometimes by streaming class sessions, etc.). 
3-VIR attribute Virtual This course is 100% online and has a synchronous component. 100% of the Direct instruction occurs in real time without (time) delay.