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Students requesting an Incomplete in a course should review the college’s incomplete policy, talk with their instructor, and then fill out the form at the link below. Students should talk with the instructor BEFORE submitting this form for the following reasons:

  1. to be sure that their situation meets the college’s criteria for issuing an incomplete;  
  2. to work with the instructor to create a reasonable "Course Completion Plan." (A course completion plan is an outline of the course requirements that must be submitted in order to complete the course and earn a grade.)
  3. to agree upon a “Completion Date”

After a student submits the Incomplete form the following will occur:

  1. the Instructor will receive an email with the student’s request and a link to an approval form that they must complete
  2. the Instructor must access that form, agree that an incomplete is appropriate, provide additional information regarding the course completion plan/ date, and submit that to the Dean’s office for approval.
  3. The Dean’s office must approve the Course Completion Plan/date.  If the plan is approved, the student will receive an "Incomplete Grade Request – Approved" confirmation email and CCI will be notified to extend access to the course shell in Brightspace. This confirmation email will not be immediate. If you do not receive confirmation of approval within one week of submission, please reach out to your instructor.

View Incomplete Request Form

The Incomplete form accepts submissions for a short period each semester beginning at 8 a.m. on the Monday of the second to last week of classes and continues through 10 a.m. on the day final grades are submitted.