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Evacuation Procedures & Designated Assembly Points

The following procedures are to be followed anytime a fire alarm or other means of official notice is given:

  • When a fire alarm sounds, proceed to the nearest exit marked by an exit sign. The nearest exit may not be the way you entered the building.

    If exits/stairwells are not clear or safe, go to the secondary means of exit from the building. Stairwells are an important means of exiting multistory buildings. Therefore, fire doors should be kept closed at all times unless held opened by an approved device.

    The elevators should not be used. Elevators are programmed to return to a home floor and shutdown during a fire alarm.
  • Doors and, if possible, windows should be closed as the last person leaves the room or area.
  • When a fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building quickly, but do not panic or run.

    People who walk slowly or need assistance should walk to the right side of stairwells to prevent impeding other people from exiting a building.
  • Leave the nearby vicinity of the building and gather at designated assembly points at least 50 feet away, so Emergency Personnel have clear access to the building.
  • Proceed to the designated assembly points for your building. The designated points should be communicated by the faculty instructor, staff member, building administrator or other designated person. Try to account for the people in your work area, office, class, etc, to ensure all occupants have left the building.
  • Never reenter the building without instructions from an authorized designated college authority or the Fire department.

Additional Information


All faculty members must immediately instruct students to evacuate the classroom/laboratory/studio when a fire alarm is activated. Ensure students evacuate and go to the designated assembly points.


All students must immediately evacuate the building and gather at least 50 feet from the building in a designated assembly points.


All employees must evacuate the building and go to designated assembly points.

Designated Assembly Points

Once outside, please stay at least 50 feet away from buildings. Whenever possible, congregate with people from your class/work groups. Try to account for all people after gathering at the assembly point to ensure that have evacuated safely. If you suspect there are still people in the building, immediately notify University Police or Emergency Personnel.

We are responsible for providing a safe learning environment, so please review your evacuation plans by identifying your primary and secondary Exits and Assembly Areas for you class/ work group. Reviewing this information before an incident is critical to ensure the safety of the campus community.