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Sales on Campus

Generally, SUNY does not permit commercial sales on campus (including residence halls) by businesses, staff or students. There are some limited items which may be permitted as "cultural events" if they are sponsored by a campus based organization. These are items which are determined to be craft items and are sold by the craftsperson who created them. Most items, however, are either under contract to our auxiliary service corporation or would present unfair competition to local business. The SUNY policy states, "No authorization will be given to private commercial enterprises to operate on State University campuses or in facilities furnished by the University other than to provide for food, campus bookstore, laundry, dry cleaning, barber and beautician services, and cultural events. This shall not apply to Faculty-Student Corporation (PACES) activities approved by the University."

The fact that SUNY Potsdam is a public university does not permit individuals or businesses to operate a commercial enterprise on campus, nor does it permit individuals or businesses free access to campus buildings. Additionally, no such commercial activity may occur in the residence halls (as confirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States). Advertisers must comply with the campus posting policy.

Questions may be referred to the Director of Student Union, room 208, Barrington Student Union.