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Wheeled Vehicle Policy

SUNY Potsdam recognizes that wheeled vehicles or devices for personal transportation (i.e. skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, electric scooters, electric bikes, and other wheeled vehicles or devices) are legitimate methods of both exercise and transportation. However, some people choose to utilize these items in other than a conventional manner, thereby creating a physical danger to themselves and others as well as hazard to property. In an effort to continue to provide for the open use on College property of these modes of transportation, the guidelines below are adopted.

Note: Wheelchairs and youth strollers are exempt from this policy.

  • Wheeled vehicles should be operated as intended by the manufacturer and according to state, local or other laws, including NYS Traffic Laws, including Chapter 71, Title 7, chapters 34-C and 34-D:
    • No electric wheeled vehicle shall carry more persons at one time than for which the device is designed. No electric scooter should carry more than one person at a time.
    • No electric wheeled vehicle should be operated in excess of 8 miles per hour on campus sidewalks.
  • Wheeled vehicle operators will yield the right of way to pedestrians. In congested areas, operators of wheeled vehicles should dismount their vehicle and walk.
  • Wheeled vehicles using campus roadways will travel in the right lane of traffic only, as close to the right-hand curb as is feasible and safe.
  • Wheeled vehicles shall not be parked in pedestrian walkways, doorways, handicap ramps or other areas where the devices will be an obstruction to mobility of others.
  • Trick or stunt riding is prohibited. Trick or stunt riding is defined as repetitive or competitive moves where wheels leave the surface.
  • No wheeled vehicle or device for personal transportation may be used in any other campus building.
  • No wheeled vehicle or device for personal transportation (or their batteries) may be stored in campus residence halls or in public areas of other campus buildings.
  • Wheeled vehicles are prohibited from outdoor recreation surfaces (tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.).
  • Vehicles or devices used in a manner not adhering to these policies are subject to impounding by University Police. Impounded vehicles or devices can be retrieved at University Police in Van Housen Hall after any student conduct or employment conduct process has been completed.
  • Students may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for action.