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History FAQs

Where can I find examples of department-approved citation style?

Right here!

What can I do with a major in history?

To read a blog by Loren Collins at the American Historical Association website, go to

For selling a degree in history on job applications, follow the blog at

To get a taste of the kinds of opportunities in various fields of history, see the American Historical Association at

Further information on skills expected of job candidates in public history are covered in Philip M. Kutz, "Public History Employers--What Do They Want?" at

How can I declare my major or minor in history?

Please make an appointment to see Dr. Shiho Imai, chair of the History Department, in her office at 321A Satterlee. She will assess your transcript, help you develop a plan of study in the major or minor, assign you an advisor, and answer, to the best of her ability, any outstanding questions relating to the study of history. Students in the School of Education with an interest in completing a degree with a social studies orientation are also asked to visit Dr. Imai's office.You can reach her by phone at (315) 267-2876 or by email at

What about graduate schools in history, education, or museum studies?

A number of our graduates pursue advanced study in history-related fields. Those who plan to do so should contact their advisors or the department chair to discuss their options. Students interested in pursuing master's degrees in education should contact the graduate office of the SUNY Potsdam School of Education or other graduate programs.

What are the hours of the History Department office? How about faculty office hours?

The office is generally open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., M-F. Laura Peary, the department secretary, can be reached at 267-4910, or by email at Her office is located in Satterlee Hall 321. Please contact Ms. Peary for faculty office hours.

How do I pursue an internship in the field of history or museum studies? What's in it for me?

An internship in your field of study can give you valuable work-place experience, professional connections, and academic credit. Internships are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Contact your advisor for advice or visit the SUNY Potsdam Internship Program in the Lougheed Learning Commons 107 (formerly Crumb) (x2861/2507).

How do I contact the student-run History Association?

Visit the Association's Webpage, or call or email Dr. Axel Fair-Shculz, faculty advisor to the student run organization. (, (315) 267-2726)

When should I declare a major or minor in history?

You should declare your first major by the time that you have 60 credits (junior standing). You may declare at any time during the semester.

Can I transfer to SUNY Potsdam and major or minor in history?

Yes. Please contact Dr. Shiho Imai, (315) 267-2876 orĀ to set up a conference to assess your situation.

What happens if my advisor is on leave?

Dr. Imai will assign you a temporary advisor.

Where do I find webpages for my history classes?

All history course webpages are found in Moodle. Many of our current classes have webpages, and visitors are welcome to browse under History to see our offerings. Students should log in with their SUNY Potsdam username and passwords, and visitors should click Course Catalog.

How do I get an advisor in the history department?

You will be assigned an advisor when you declare your major or minor.