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Internships & Career Opportunities


Undergraduates at SUNY Potsdam are encouraged to obtain extra experience in their chosen field by doing on- or off-campus internships. Contact the Experiential Education Office at (315) 267-2803 or visit their website to learn more. There are several opportunities both on- and off campus to obtain internships that are related to Business Administration, as well as more focused areas within business, such as marketing, finance, operation, accounting and management. These internships will further develop skills, as well as provide an insight into what a career in a particular field has to offer.


Opportunities in the Field

Graduates of SUNY Potsdam's Business Administration program have found employment in small businesses, privately owned businesses, multi-national companies, not-for-profit organizations, government, manufacturing and the service sector.

They serve as first-line supervisors, office managers, business managers, presidents of privately owned companies, customer support representatives, sales managers, merchandise managers, sales associates, store managers and production supervisors.

Employers of SUNY Potsdam alumni include Eastman Kodak Co., Xerox Corporation, IBM, J.C. Penney Co., Mobius Group, Inc., International Paper, Inc., General Food, Inc., Nabisco Foods Group, and Paine Webber, to name a few.