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Teacher Education Onboarding

The Center for School Partnerships and Teacher Certification would like to congratulate you on your acceptance into a teacher preparation program at SUNY Potsdam. We are so happy that you have chosen to enter the field of teaching and we know that your program will prepare you to positively impact the lives of children across New York State and beyond.

Our Center is committed to providing teacher candidates with the guidance and support necessary to become successful throughout and beyond field experiences, student teaching, and certification. With this said, a series of emails and informational meetings will be provided throughout the program to verify field experience and student teaching eligibility and review important information related to certification.

To prepare for your pre-student teaching field experience, student teaching experience, and certification eligibility process, the following onboarding timeline must be followed and the associated requirements completed based on this timeline.

RSVP for Teacher Education Orientation

All teacher education candidates, both undergraduate and graduate, enrolled in a Teacher Education program must attend an orientation session that provides an onboarding overview to prepare for field experiences and student teaching.

  1. RSVP and attend the Teacher Education Orientation
  2. Review the Teacher Education Handbook
  3. Review the Education Program Policies section of the SUNY Potsdam Catalog
  4. Review the Professional Disposition Framework

Submit the Application for Pre-Student Teaching Field Experience Submit the Application for Student Teaching SemesterRegister and attend Field Preparation Session

After declaring an education major or being accepted into a graduate-level program, the Teacher Candidate should schedule a meeting with their education advisor. During the meeting, they should identify when their anticipated pre-student teaching field experience course(s) and student teaching semester may occur.

Based on the advising plan, the Teacher Candidates will need to complete the following at least 2 full semesters before entering the field:

  1. Submit the Application for Pre-Student Teaching Field Experience complete one for each semester enrolled in a pre-student field experience course
  2. Submit the Application for Student Teaching Semester
  3. Register and attend a Field Preparation Session
  4. Submit acknowledgment of Teacher Education Handbook
  5. Submit acknowledgment of Professional Disposition Framework

At least one semester prior to entering any field-based course, the Teacher Candidate must complete the following:

Note: Instructions will be sent on how and where to complete all forms and agreements via email.

  1. Create NYS TEACH Account (FREE)
  2. Complete NYSED State Fingerprints ($102)
  3. Canadian Only: Complete Vulnerable Sector Police Check
  4. Complete Recommendation for Certification Authorization Form
  5. Complete Confidentiality Agreement
  6. Complete Classroom Video Recording Guidelines Acknowledgment Form
  7. Photo on file
  8. Create Teaching Resume Draft

Optional: Begin thinking about certification exams.

One semester before student teaching begins, the Teacher Candidate will complete the following:

  1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions about student teaching
  2. Attend a 15-minute meeting with the Director of Student Teaching
  3. Make edits to teaching resume draft and secure final approval for student teaching

After receiving student teaching placement:

  1. Send an introductory email to the assigned University Supervisor(s)
  2. Send an introductory email to the assigned Cooperating Teacher(s) and schedule an initial meeting