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Application Related Forms for Prospective Scholars

Forms for Scholars already in the program

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Presidential Scholars

Application Related Forms for Prospective Scholars

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Assistance and support is available during regular hours by contacting Dr. Baker via email. You can also contact a member of the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning by email or phone at (315) 267-2900.

Forms for scholars already in the program

Travel Forms

Potsdam College Foundation Purchase Order Form

  • Determine whether the company accepts Purchase Orders. If so, WITH the assistance of your Faculty Mentor, submit a Foundation Purchase Order to the OSRC secretary.
  • When filling out the Purchase Order, under “Notes/Remarks” please add your name, your Faculty Mentor’s name, and the word “Kilmer” or “Presidential Scholars,” so that our office will know whom to contact if there is a problem with the Purchase Order.
  • The Office for Student Research and Creativity will approve your completed Purchase Order and submit it on your behalf.
  • Please be aware that it may take up to one month to process your order.

Potsdam College Foundation Travel Form

  • You must fill out a travel requisition well before you travel (usually one month minimum).  Travel for Kilmer or Presidential Scholars must be pre-approved as per your Educational Plan.
  • If you will be travelling alone, please consult with the OSRC secretary to fill out a travel form; if you are travelling with your Faculty Mentor, you will be added to your Mentor’s Travel Form.
  • University rules require that, where possible, you find the cheapest alternatives for travel.  If traveling with others, a single conveyance is preferable.
    • University vehicles are generally the first choice for regional land travel, followed by rental vehicles.  Personal vehicles are a last resort (if you drive your own car, reimbursement is governed by IRS standard mileage rates. Distance is measured from here at SUNY Potsdam (44 Pierrepont Avenue, Potsdam) to your conference, project, or physical location of your research. Be sure to include return mileage, and sign at the bottom of the form.
    • If travelling by air or train, please consult with the OSRC secretary, who will guide you through the booking process.  You may not be reimbursed if you book air or rail travel on your own.
  • If you present at a conference, you will need to submit:
    • Conference flyer
    • Conference agenda
    • Proof of your acceptance to present
  • Please save ALL RECEIPTS! Be sure your receipts are itemized. You will not be reimbursed if you do not provide receipts.

Per Diem rates for Lodging/Meals/Misc

  • The GSA schedule of rates will provide a guideline for maximum allowable amounts per diem for lodging and meals.
  • As always, you will not be reimbursed without receipts.