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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Summer Graduate Music Courses

The "2+2" Master of Music in Music Education Degree at Crane

The Master of Music in Music Education degree may be completed in as little as two summers with as few as two additional online courses (2+2). Summer courses are taught by Crane faculty and distinguished guest faculty. Graduate Music Admissions information can be found on this webpage. The summer admissions deadline is May 1st. (For those who wish to attend during the fall and spring semesters, the degree can also be completed in one academic year.)

Over the course of two summers, students will have the opportunity to take electives in thee main areas: music technology, creativity, and global music. This is in addition to required coursework in music education, music history, and music theory, and still leaves opportunities for students to take additional electives in music education or other subjects. The entire degree plan for the degree can be found here.

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Main Summer Session Courses

Our summer 2021 courses will be virtual due to concerns about COVID-19. The entire summer schedule will run from Monday, June 28 - Thursday, August 5, 2021, with most courses having a mix of synchronous and asynchronous meetings during that six-week session. Classes will meet Monday through Thursday. Students should take four courses from the following as noted.

Both first and second year students take:

MUCE 601: Philosophy & Issues in Music Education
Instructor: Dr. Mark Campbell

CRNs: 8am section: 76416 /10:30am section: 76415
Examination of the systematic process of program development. Focus upon the development of general goals, program objectives, and instructional objectives, as well as the design and sequence of musical experiences and materials. A required course in the MM Music Education degree.


MUCH 695: Music/Power/Politics post-1945
Instructor: Dr. Erin Brooks

CRNs: 8am section: 76413 /10:30am section: 76412
Fulfills the degree's music history requirement.


First year students take:

MUCH 611: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music
Instructor: Dr. Andrea Maas
CRN: 76414
All first-year summer students take this survey of bibliographic and resource materials in music, education, and music education. 


Second year students take:

MUCE 523: Advanced Issues in Music Education
Instructor: Dr. Mark Campbell
CRN: 76417
All second-year summer students take this course. Topics: “Cultivating Critical and Creative Thinking across the K-12 Music Curriculum” and “Designing Integrative and Authentic Assessment across the K-12 Curriculum.”


Both first and second year students choose between:

MUCE 520: Topics in Music Technology 
Instructor: Dr. Andrea Mass
CRN: 76419


MUCE 640: Projects and Readings in Music Education 
Instructor: Dr. William Lake
CRN: 76418
Topic: Race, Representation, and Repertoire in Music Education


MUCE 533: Band Instrument Maintenance for Wind Educators
Instructor: Mr. Miles DeCastro
CRN: 76196
This course will be fully asynchronous. 



Other Summer Courses

Summer Session I: Thursday, May 27 - Thursday, June 30, 2021

Online: MUCE 595: Peace Building Through Music Education
Instructor: Dr. Caron Collins

CRNS: section 001: 76380 / section 002: 76390
This course is designed for current practicing music teachers and music education students interested in exploring, discussing, and designing impactful music-making experiences for developing peace building and resolving conflict in our communities or schools.
In this course, students will explore and discuss current conflicts in our society, collaborative music practices that address diversity and inclusion, and various ways to promote community, democracy, and social responsibility; evaluate the effectiveness of these peace-building practices in transforming conflict; and design a peace-building music program, course, or project for a community or school.