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Art History

B.A. in Art History

Art History provides students with a fundamental understanding of the most important historical periods of art and achievements in art. This experience provides sufficient breadth to ensure a reasonable knowledge of the most significant art and monuments, artists and styles, as well as a basic understanding of the varying historical contexts within which these achievements have taken place.


Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of Art History.
  • demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication.
  • demonstrate an advanced knowledge of research techniques in art history.
  • demonstrate ability to conduct critical analysis.

Inquire today:


"If you're interested in art history, SUNY Potsdam is a great school to look at. I love the way they have the classes set up. We start with a broad overview and then we can continue on into more specific periods. I really got into the Egyptian period, and just loved it. The best part of the program is how much all of the professors care. I've never had trouble making an appointment to see a professor."

Sarah Cullinane