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What is an Emergency Withdrawal?

An Emergency Withdrawal (W*) can be requested if you are forced to leave the College during a semester due to reasons beyond your control.

To apply for an Emergency Withdrawal:

  • Complete an Emergency Withdrawal Application Form (see below)
  • Specify your emergency circumstances
  • Supply written documentation from a qualified professional such as a doctor or psychological counselor to support your request

Emergency Withdrawal Form

Acceptable circumstances for an Emergency Withdrawal:

  • A severe medical or emotional condition or
  • A serious family emergency, etc.
  • You must be able to provide clear and complete documentation of the situation from a qualified professional such as a doctor or psychological counselor.

You should know:

  • If you completed a substantial portion of the semester, your instructors may be contacted to inquire whether at the time you last attended it was still possible for you to pass the course.
  • If you receive W*s for all of your courses, your academic standing will be carried forward from the previous semester. Receiving W*s does not absolve you of financial liability to the College.

For Qualified Professionals:

Please use this secure upload link if you are a qualified professional providing evidence in support of a student’s Emergency Withdrawal request.