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Helen Hosmer Excellence in Music Teaching Award

This award is for the purpose of recognizing outstanding professional achievement in the teaching of music. The award will honor a Crane School of Music graduate who is currently active in, or retired from public school music education and who has demonstrated exemplary service in any of the areas of choral, instrumental, or general music education.

Presentation of the award will take place each year at Reunion in July. The nomination deadline is December 1st.

Before completing the Helen Hosmer Excellence in Music Teaching Nomination Form, take a moment and make sure you have gathered the following information.

  • Nominee contact information, employer information and educational history
  • Two letters of support
  • Nominee resume
  • Supporting documents, such as additional letters of support, awards, civic accomplishments, publications, etc. (not required, but strongly encouraged)


Note: Nominations received for qualified Hosmer Award candidates which are unsuccessful in the year of their submission will be kept on file for two additional years and will automatically be reconsidered in those years unless withdrawn by the nominator. After three years, however, candidates must be re-nominated in order to be considered for the award.


Email if you have any questions.

Award Year Class First Name Former Name Last Name
2023 92 Marjorie Hawthorne
2022 84, M 96 Tim Savage
2021 82 Russell Faunce
2021 77 Patricia Arnold O'Connell
2020 92 Diane Ercolini Havern
2019 88 Michael Struzik
2018 77 Susan Vroman Cavanaugh
2018 73 Brenda Wheatley Vredenburg
2018 72 Jeffrey Vredenburg
2017 69 Carol "Kickie" Holloway Britt
2016 73 Cynthia Anderson Ripley
2015 61 Marion Gordon Akpata
2014 64 Ann Gatta Beaucage
2014 74 Linda Beaupre
2013 79 Melinde Mospaw Poupore
2012 71 Scott LaVine
2011 91 Richard Regan
2010 81 Guy Lamson
2009 73 Toni Grieco Zygodlo
2008 78 Cynthia Carlin Pacini
2007 57 Peter Bagley Geer
2007 51 Phillip Klein
2006 46 Margaret Scanlon Minotti
2005 57 Carol Barto Pellegrino
2004 54 Joan Marsh Jones
2003 69 Anne Lackens Guba
2003 53 S Talbot Thayer
2002 68 Dale Zurbrick
2001 59 William Mercer
2000 73 Philip Preddice
1999 61 Sue Fay Geyer Allen
1998 57 Muriel Stoker Bodley
1997 38 Roger Hannahs