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Alumni Association Scholarships

The SUNY Potsdam Alumni Association takes great pride in offering to the children, grandchildren and even parents of the college's alumni the opportunity to compete for a scholarship at SUNY Potsdam. The scholarship is valued at a minimum of $1,000 for one year. This is a one-time award for any student.

Submit Alumni Association Scholarship

Scholarship Application Guidelines

In order to be considered for the scholarship, an individual must:

  • Be the child, grandchild or parent of a SUNY Potsdam graduate
  • Be nominated by said SUNY Potsdam graduate
  • Be an incoming freshman, incoming transfer student, or current student
  • Submit a Completed scholarship application including academic credentials for review by the Alumni Association Scholarship Committee
  • Agree to release his or her name for any college-initiated publicity
  • Graduate students who are SUNY Potsdam alumni may nominate themselves.

Application Process:

The following information MUST be included with the application and submitted by the March 1 deadline:

  • Official application
  • High school and college transcripts, if applicable
    • If you have completed less than three college academic semesters, a high school transcript is required
  • Resume which includes:
    • documented leadership capabilities
    • documented participation in any high school, college (if applicable) and community activities
    • work experience
    • volunteerism
  • Letter of support including justification submitted by the nominator (Potsdam alum)
  • A minimum of two additional letters of support/recommendation
  • Incoming Student/Current Undergraduate or Graduate Student:
    In a minimum of 250 words, write two (2) well developed paragraphs that address items A and B.
    1. How have the challenges of this past year personally impacted your life and educational goals?
    2. Why have you chosen to attend SUNY Potsdam?
  • Any additional information the applicant would like to submit to the Committee for consideration (i.e. additional letters of recommendation, awards, etc.)
  • NOTE:  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the SUNY Potsdam Alumni Relations Office receives ALL required documentation by the MARCH 1 deadline.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the application.
  • Applicants will be notified in late March of the committee’s decision.

For Questions and Additional Information:

Contact the Alumni Relations Office
Phone: (315) 267-2120