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Dr. Ruth & Millard Harmon Student Leadership Conference

Student representatives from each club and organization have the opportunity to sign up to attend a leadership conference that takes place at the start of the Fall semester. During the conference, students have the opportunity to attend workshops and sessions that focus on various leadership topics. The program provides a great opportunity for students to explore and enhance their leadership styles and skills as well as network with fellow student leaders, faculty/staff, and alumni.

Check out some quotes from conference evaluations below to hear some student perspectives on the strengths of the Leadership Conference!

Quotes from past Student Leadership Conference participants:

  • The conference is great for networking, and increases bonds between people who traditionally wouldn’t know each other.
  • Relatable presenters, informative sessions, interactive activities.
  • I learned a ton about how to effectively lead and how to present myself to others.
  • Well-organized, great energy, great information, and presentations.
  • Great way to make connections with other clubs. Great way to make new friends. I learned a lot about myself as a leader and how to be a better leader.
  • Really made me look at myself as a person and leader, and how I can be a better leader not only within my club but the Potsdam community and my club. I met a ton of new people and learned a lot about different clubs.
  • Loved that most of the conference was interactive not only with the speakers but the other clubs.
  • Very interactive. Very informative. Gave me an opportunity on how to be a better and effective leader.
  • Extremely informative, helpful, inspiring, strong speakers, added tools to my tool box of life. Allowed me to open up, break out of my comfort zone, learn different ways to communicate, realize I’m not the only person with struggles, that I’m not alone, learn about diversity, public speaking, and being creative.
  • The energy of the conference was really good. The information given was great.
  • Made a community of leaders, different clubs but different people within these different organizations. Every session had helpful information for my club, self and overall community-passionate speakers.
  • Great conference! Highly recommend to others!
  • Thanks for the four years that I’ve gone to this conference. It has been a wonderful experience.