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Women, Gender and Leadership

Program Description & Goals

The Women, Gender and Leadership program is designed to provide an opportunity for SUNY Potsdam students to explore, discuss and reflect on a wide variety of topics and issues related to women, gender and leadership at SUNY Potsdam and beyond.  A special feature of this program is the opportunity for students to network with, and be mentored by, a successful SUNY Potsdam alum.  The program includes two components.

  1. Workshop Series: During the Fall 2016 semester, 5 workshops will be presented by outstanding SUNY Potsdam faculty, staff, alumni and special guests.  The goal of the workshop series is to explore a wide variety of topics and issues related to women, gender and leadership at SUNY Potsdam and beyond.
  2. Women, Gender & Leadership Alumni Mentoring Program: Students who attend all 5 of the Fall workshops will have the exciting opportunity to be mentored by a SUNY Potsdam alum for the Spring 2017 semester.*  Every effort will be made to find a career-related match whenever possible.  Mentors will provide students invaluable insights and advice on how to achieve success personally and professionally in the future.  In addition to on-going contact with their Mentors, student participants will meet 3 to 4 times as a group with the Director of Campus Life to share personal reflections and gain insights on how to maximize their experience within the program.  There will be a reception at the conclusion of the semester where students and Mentors (if they are available) will gather to celebrate and share their experiences.  All participants will be presented with a certificate recognizing their accomplishments.

Alumni Mentoring Program, Spring 2017

Students who attend all 5 of the workshops offered in the Fall, will have the opportunity to be paired with a SUNY Potsdam alum in their career field for the Spring 2017 semester.*   During the Fall semester, students will complete an information sheet regarding their career and personal interests.  This information will help the program find an appropriate Mentor for each student.  Please note that our goal is to match students as closely as possible with Mentors who have a career field that matches their interests.  In the rare case that a direct match cannot be found, students will be matched with a Mentor who the program believes will provide valuable general career and overall mentoring.

Throughout the semester, students and Mentors will be encouraged to communicate regularly through mutually agreed upon methods, which can include electronic media, phone, and/or face-to-face interaction, if possible. 

Students will be expected to attend three to four, one-hour group meetings with the Director of Campus Life throughout the semester as outlined below:

  1. First Meeting: Explain program goals, offer insights and advice on how students can get the most from the program and provide Mentor assignments.
  2. Second Meeting: Provide an opportunity for participants to share and reflect upon their experiences.
  3. Third Meeting: Participants will provide final reflections and offer feedback on how to continue to improve the program for the future.
  4. A Fourth Meeting will be scheduled only if needed.

Note: Meetings will be scheduled late in Fall 2016 once student academic schedules for Spring 2017 are set.

In addition, students will attend a final reception (date/time TBA) along with their Mentors (if available) at the close of the semester. 

How to Participate

Students: Students wishing to participate should plan to attend all of the Fall 2016 workshops (see schedule on front).  The Director of Campus Life will ask all students who have attended all of the required workshops to complete an information sheet at the end of the Fall semester which will be used to find an appropriate Mentor for each student.

Alumni Mentors: Alumni who wish to participate may contact Ruth Policella or Mona Ouimet Vroman ’85 – see contact information below.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Don't miss a leadership opportunity! Download a copy of the Women & Leadership Program Flyer (PDF)