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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Policies and Guidelines

Climbing facility policies

The following policies are for your safety and to protect the integrity of the SUNY Potsdam Leadership and Challenge Center. Any violation of the policies listed below will result in the suspension of your climbing privileges.

Climbers Must:

  1. Maintain a safe climbing and field house environment

  2. Read and sign a risk/liability waiver before climbing or have one on file

  3. Sign in before every use

  4. SUNY Potsdam students must provide SUNY ID card

  5. Climbers must pass yearly belay test BEFORE belaying others

  6. Tie in with a Figure-8 follow-through and Half-double fisherman's knot as back up

  7. Food or beverage is not allowed on the climbing mats

  8. Supervision required for participants age 16 or under at all times

  9. Maximum climber capacity on the wall at any one time: 6

**The climbing wall supervisor is responsible for maintaining a safe (physical and emotional) environment for all participants. Therefore, they have the authority to terminate participation for any reason related to participant safety at their discretion. Participants who lose their climbing privileges must meet with the Director of the Climbing Wall & Ropes Course before their climbing privileges will be reinstated.

Climbing facility operating guidelines

The following guidelines are to assist in the safe operation of the Leadership and Challenge Center. Violation of the guidelines listed below will result in suspension of climbing privileges.

  1. Participants should keep off the running track at all times

  2. Maintain three feet of separation from other climbers while climbing

  3. Un-roped climbing or bouldering is not allowed above three meters or three panels high

  4. Climbers have precedence over anyone bouldering or traversing the wall.

  5. Bouldering is allowed even when the wall in not open to climbing

  6. Use ground anchors for belaying those of greater weight than the belayer

  7. Non-SUNY Potsdam climbers will be charged a $5 per day fee

  8. Equipment rental requires identification (Helmet use is free to any participant)

  9. SUNY Potsdam is not liable for lost or stolen personal items

  10. Participant risk management documents must be revised yearly

  11. Personal gear must be UIAA approved or approved by the climbing wall supervisor