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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

In addition to the on-campus training modules, SUNY hosted a BI Financial Basics Dashboard Training.  This training and the corresponding Q&A are available below.

Watch the BI Financials Basics Training  


Can I open two accounts at once?

If the account selection filter says ‘begins with’ that means that only accounts that begin with the same text string will report. You can have multiple accounts return by doing other selections such as sub fund group.

Is the system "smart" in that it will only let you request an account summary of an account that you have access to?

Yes, security is applied; users can only see data for accounts that they have access to. There are two levels of security: Campus Wide which allows users to see all accounts associated with your campus or Account Level security where users are assigned individual accounts or account groups and can only see data that is related to those accounts.

What does it mean when there is nothing in the percentage view and all of my circle icons are red?

On the Account Summary dashboard page: This is normally because there is no allocation, the % used field is calculated by dividing allocation by available balance. Since the allocation is 0 the formula cannot work.

Why do I only have "Account Summary" and "IFR" as available dashboards?

That means you’re only assigned permission to those 2 dashboards. Every dashboard has its own permission. Contact your campus security administrator for access to additional dashboards. 

Can you include more than one column at a time?

Not in one click, but you can include a column and then again right click and go to the include column to add another.

Why does my detailed only bring up payroll even though I didn't click on the payroll?

When drilling into a value the drill down will automatically be limited to the row and column cross section of the value you drilled into.

Is it possible to save customizations after drilling down, such as if you're in Account Summary and click on OTPS Expenditure Total?

Customizations cannot be saved to the drill down. If you want to have a saved customization for detailed transactions, you could do this on the Transaction Inquiry dashboard.

How can we get the "Analyze" option added?

To have analyze is a separate permission, you first need to attend an analysis training then your campus security administrator can give access.

Is it possible to get the vendor names and PO #s, check #s on the Cash Flow Monthly dashboard under the disbursements tab?

We are in the process of trying to add this information to the disbursement transactions on Cash Flow Monthly.

How can I generate a payroll register detail?

Detailed employee payroll information is available on the Financials > Payroll Dashboard or within Account Summary page by drilling on Expenditure for PSR or TS and clicking Payroll info. Note this is a restricted permission. HR dashboards are also available reach out to your HR representative for more information.

Is there a way to freeze panes for column titles or a way to reduce rows to just the ones you want to see?

There is not a way to freeze the column headers on the dashboard.

To see transactional details for a specific detailed object you could use the transactional pages such as All Alloc/expenditure/encum page on Account Summary or go to Transaction Inquiry dashboard. Utilize the selections to limit the data you want to focus on. Also, with a long data list, you can use the Ctrl-F function to search the page for a specific data set.

Can you put in a specific amount?

That is not a default selection for Transaction Inquiry. You could add this selection within analysis if you have access.

Can you put in a research number? Are Research Foundation accounts reported here?

This is a state accounting system only; research awards can be found on RF Report Center.

Why does it delete your query items?

Sometimes, BI needs time to ‘think’. If you enter selections in to fast BI does not have enough time to catch up. A second or two between entering selections is sometimes needed.

Is viewing Transaction Inquiry the same as viewing Document Detail from the Account Summary?

Yes, the data is from the same source. There is more detailed information available on transaction inquiry and on transaction inquiry you can review all transaction categories in one report.

How do I search for a vendor to see if the invoice is paid when I do not have a PO #?

You can search by Vendor name on Transaction Inquiry by using the Trans Desc/Vendor field and limiting to Expenditure transactions. Note the Trans Desc/Vendor field is case sensitive. Check Date and Name are also available includes.

You could also use Voucher Inquiry where you can search by invoice number or check information. You can also search on voucher document status “Check/ACH” Reconciled.

Is there something that shows if payment was sent to home address, department or direct deposit?

Voucher Inquiry dashboard has address information and indicates if a payment was made by ACH or check.

Do P-Card purchases show individual vendors and transactions?

P-Card journals report in transaction inquiry and the Trans Desc/vendor field shows the charged vendor name. More detailed P-Card cardholder information and statement information is also available on the P-Card POS dashboard.

Can you add the account # description?

Account Desc is an available include column on most dashboard pages.

What is the expected lag time between when a transaction with a vendor is made and when the charges show up in BI? Is BI updated every so often?

BI transactions are loaded daily. Transaction typically have a 2 day lag time between being created in FMS and loading into BI. This could be longer if there is a delay in the document being approved by SFS. Dashboards such as Voucher Inquiry and Procurement have a 1 day lag. End of Month loads once a month.