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Business Affairs

The Office of Business Affairs reports to David Davin, Vice President for College Advancement, in the interim and is responsible for the administrative functions of the College including financial management and reporting, Internal Controls, and campus system security.  Please click the links on the left for our forms and detailed information on policies and procedures.

Business Affairs Procedure Updates

Effective August 15, 2023
The Business Affairs Office would like to share the steps required for all purchases and travel requests moving forward. 

The Spending Review Team will review all travel and purchase requests except those being funded through the Foundation, except for contracts* (see Purchasing Procedures webpage for contract info).

These procedures are integral to our fiscal well-being as a campus and are required for the spending review team to make the important decisions moving forward. 

Spending Review Team

  • Kelly Deshaies, Business Affairs
  • Maria Freitas Ladouceur, Computing & Technology Services
  • Allen Grant, Academic Affairs
  • Erica Kaiser, Enrollment Services
  • Ellen Mathews, Business Affairs
  • Ruth Policella, Student Affairs
  • Roy Smith, Physical Plant
  1.  Not completing the travel requisition
    1. Each TR should include ALL information about the trip such as account number(s), lodging, entry fees, incidentals, etc., even if funded by means other than State or Foundation
    2. Incorrect math
    3. Missing signature(s) such as Foundation approval
    4. Did not include vehicle cost comparison form
  2. Multiple travelers
    1. Each faculty/staff must complete a separate travel requisition and at least one should include the trip information such as transportation, lodging, list of students going, etc.
  3. Not justified as one of SUNY Potsdam’s strategic priorities:
    1. Financial Stability & Analysis
    2. Enrollment & Retention
    3. Academic Programs & Planning
    4. Connecting with the Community
    5. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
  4. Generic/blanket or inadequate justifications and descriptions
    1. This is the traveler’s opportunity to express the need for the trip to occur and how it will benefit SUNY Potsdam. Each justification should be tailored to the specific trip the travel requisitions is for. Data and statistics should be included whenever possible.
  5. Purchasing in Jaggaer did not include enough information on what an item is or what it is used for.
    1. Purchasing in Jaggaer did not include proper attachments.

Business Affairs Team

Phyllis Sampier Charleson

Administrative Assistant II
(315) 267-4875

Contact Phyllis for assistance with:

  • Initial point of contact
  • Budget Office website and forms
  • BI assistance and training
  • Campus financial security request authorization and processing

Kelly Deshaies

Assistant for University Financial Analysis

Contact Kelly for assistance with:

  • Campus chart of accounts
  • Third-party salary and OTPS reimbursements
  • Invoicing and campus deposits
  • Campus recharges and Central Printing shared services processing

Ellen Mathews

Assistant for University Financial Analysis

Contact Ellen for assistance with:

  • Campus account management
  • Budget planning, management, and submission
  • Internal controls
  • Reconciliation of accounts, (bank, collection fund, undistributed & tax and finance)

If the topic you are searching for isn’t listed, please reach out to Phyllis who will direct you to the correct person.