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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

What is an attribute?

Course attributes are alphanumeric fields attached to courses that facilitate grouping of data in the schedule of classes. The Diversity Attribute (dei) does not have any curricular requirements and is not associated in any way with Potsdam Pathways or General Education. Attributes found in the SUNY Potsdam schedule of classes include Service Learning (sl) Women’s Studies Multicultural (wsm) and Women and Gender Studies (ws).

Why use a Diversity Attribute for my course?

Attributes help students sort through the schedule of classes for specific types of classes. The Diversity Attribute will help students looking for diversity-rich courses find your class more easily.

How do I know if my course is diversity-rich?

Use the Diversity Attribute Checklist (PDF)  to help guide you in your course/syllabus preparation. You may also use the examples of diversity-rich course syllabi below as guides.

Examples of Diversity Rich Syllabi

How can I attain the Diversity Attribute for my course?

To have your diversity-rich course(s) appear in the fall 2021 schedule of classes, submit your application using the link below by Monday February 8th. You may submit syllabi for subsequent semesters at any point (future deadlines TBD). The Diversity Attribute Review Committee will review your syllabus using the Diversity Attribute Checklist (PDF). You will be notified whether or not you receive the attribute in time for the rollout of the fall 2021 schedule of classes.

How to Apply

This application may be used for seeking approval for a course to carry a Diversity-Rich Attribute for the first time, when submitting a revised application, or when renewing the attribute for an already approved course. The Diversity Attribute Review Committee (DARC) will follow the criteria laid out the diversity-rich course checklist when approving courses for the Diversity Attribute. Applications need to clearly demonstrate how the proposed course meets those criteria. For assistance with the application process, please contact Lauren Diamond-Brown, Co-Chair of the Diversity Attribute Committee with any questions:

Online Submission

Before completing the application form you should review the diversity attribute checklist (PDF) and will want to have the following materials at hand:

  1. The syllabus for the course that includes a statement that identifies the course as having the Diversity-Rich Course Attribute (e.g., This course fulfills the Diversity-Rich Course Attribute).
  2. A point-by-point narrative demonstration of how the course meets the criteria for the attribute. Please address the following:
    1. How this course will include diversity as part of the pedagogical core of the course
    2. Explanation how the course is centered on the production of information (e.g., artifacts, sources, performances, etc.) authored by those outside the politically or socially ruling or dominant culture
    3. How much of the course will be devoted to diversity including: contact time, required readings and/or multi-media, performances, and/or graded assignments/exams
    4. How the course will use material that asks critical questions about diversity and/or diversity related issues
    5. How the course will discuss theories and practices related to diversity
    6. How you include epistemology, theoretical framework(s), and/or methodology related to diversity.


Live Submission

As an alternative to the online submission, you may submit a course for the diversity-rich attribute by meeting live with members from the review committee to discuss your course. Please review the diversity-rich attribute course checklist to prepare for this meeting. Please email Dr. Sharlee Thomas,, a copy of your syllabus and your preferred time to meet during the advertised meeting times. In this 20-minute conversation we will discuss how your course meets the items on the checklist.


If you have questions, please contact Lauren Diamond-Brown.