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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

All requests for new space, reallocated space, or change in use of space will be made by the completion of a Space Request Form (PDF) and submitted to the department’s Dean or Vice President who will then approve and forward it to the Space Priority and Allocation Committee chair. This process must be followed regardless of funding source. In the case of Academic Affairs, space requests that impact more than one academic unit or School must first be vetted through the Provost’s Cabinet. Persons making requests may be called to appear before the Committee to provide additional information regarding their request.


Requests impacting more than one unit/department and which require funding considerations must follow these deadlines:

  • March 1: Requests for work to be completed over the summer for completion by the fall semester.
  • October 1: Requests for work to be completed over the winter break for completion by the spring semester.

Exemptions: Minor work that does not impact more than one department/unit and for which funding has been identified does not need Committee approval. However, departments/units are strongly encouraged to contact the Assistant Facilities Program Manager to verify this exemption. Work orders must be completed and approved for all minor projects.

Assessing Space Requests:

The process for reviewing Space Requests will be guided by the following principles:

  1. Requests should support the overall educational mission of the College.
  2. Requests will have the support of the department chair or department head prior to submission to the Committee.
  3. Requests with funding in place will receive higher priority, and funding sources must be clearly identified.
  4. Space must be available in order for allocation or changes in allocation to be considered.

Note: other approvals may be required for major repurposing of space which may include the formation of additional task forces/committees.