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Spring Into Action

Spring moves as quick as a warm breeze in the North Country and as the world wakes up, there’s always something new. It feels like one day the snow is still disappearing and the next, the frogs are hopping and insects hang in the air on gauzy wings. With buds and flowers popping and animals afoot after the winter months, it’s hard not to feel the call. So cut yourself a little slack. Chances are you’ll run into a lot of people who are doing the same—hitting the jogging paths, rambling through the outdoor markets and launching that canoe (watch for the turtles). Swing through campus on the right day and you just might see the maple sugar buckets hanging on the trees. That’s become bit of an educational SUNY Potsdam tradition that embraces deep North Country heritage and boils down to a sweet treat at the end!

As the world gets ready to celebrate the warm season, SUNY Potsdam is doing the same, so keep an eye on the campus Events & Get Involved webpages for all the activities you can choose from. You’ll find cool organizations you may want to join and all the great ways you can interact with the warm, emerging world. The more you get out and jump in, the better and more satisfying your college experience will be. And Spring is a time for doing, right?