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Summer — Time to Live the Dream

Those who live here know it and those who move here soon discover it—summer in the North Country is hypnotic.

Nourished with long days of sunshine and pleasant afternoon rains, a dream of the outdoors takes living form. It’s a time for everything and just maybe, nothing.

Time to dust off the hiking boots, the climbing gear, the backpack and tent. Or pull the canoe down from the rafters and take a long paddle on the Raquette River, a high-country lake or even take a trip up to the crystalline St. Lawrence River for fishing, sandy beaches and swimming.

You’ll find lazy outdoor dining in the Village of Potsdam, and get to mix with some 10,000 other college students on the area’s outdoor spots, riverside trails and playing fields. Did we mention water? The warm shores of Lake Ontario are an easy day trip, so check out the historic and storied Thousand Islands region along the way.

Mountains? The Adirondacks beckons—their peaks and trails dotted with blueberries and wintergreen. Immerse yourself in natural history at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Watch the fireflies wrap up their eerie light shows in the warm evenings. Take a stroll through campus and stop by Venture Outdoors in the Barrington Student Union, where you can rent the adventure equipment you need for a nominal fee. Chances are, you’ll run into like-minded people while you’re planning that transformative wilderness experience.

It’s a great time to finally get out and do everything you’ve planned. Or—do nothing at all.