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Preparing for Registration

8 Simple Steps

Step 1: Search for classes

  • F2F/Hybrid (any course with some face to face components; must follow all campus safety protocols)
  • Virtual (fully remote instruction; may have synchronous virtual meetings)
  • Online (OSCQR approved courses w/trained instructors; may have synchronous and/or asynchronous components)

Use the BearPAWS class search feature, or look at the class schedule by department. Useful worksheets to print out:

Step 2: Check your campus email regularly

Keep on top of announcements about scheduling changes, deadlines, course cancellations and special instructions.

Step 3: Make sure your personal information is up to date:

 Doublecheck your local address on BearPAWS, and make sure to submit any home address changes immediately. You don’t want to miss out on important mail!

Step 4: Check your record for holds on your account:

  • Check BearPAWS to make sure you don’t have any holds on your account, by clicking on “Student Services” and then “Student Records.” Holds stop you from registering for classes, so you want to make sure to have them taken care of quickly!
  • Then, review your BearDen degree audit, by clicking on “Student Services and Financial Aid” in BearPAWS. This lets you see your progress toward graduation requirements.

Step 5: See your advisor to get help and to remove your registration hold

  • Not sure who your advisor is? Check BearPAWS under “Course Summary.” Don’t see anyone listed? Contact your department.
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your Registration Advising Worksheet.
  • Your advisor will give you a signed advising form and remove your registration hold. If your registration hold is not removed, you won’t be able to register for classes.
  • If you’re a teacher education student, leave a copy of your signed form in the main office in Satterlee Hall.

Step 6: Obtain any special permissions

  • If you need an instructor’s permission to register for a class section, ask the instructor to fill out the permission slip. If they sign off, take this to the designated person in the department to give permission so you can register online.
  • Note: All education courses, except EDLS 201 and EDLS 270, require permission.
  • Tutorials can be added during the add/drop period. To learn more contact the Dean’s Office in your School.

Step 7: Check on when you can register: 

Check registration dates for the upcoming semester.

  • Are you a matriculated undergraduate? Find out your registration times by checking BearPAWS on the first day of the advising period, by clicking “Student Services,” then “Registration,” then “Registration Status.”
  • The Division of Graduate and Continuing Education will help you if you’re an non-matriculated/visiting undergraduate or a graduate student.

Step 8: Register for classes!

  • Log in to BearPAWS
  • To register: Click “Student Services and Financial Aid,” then click “Registration,” then click “Add/Drop Classes.” Check to make sure you have the correct semester listed. Then click “Submit Term.”
  • To add classes: Use the class search option in BearPAWS to find the courses you are looking for. Enter the 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN) for each class in the “Add Class” box at the bottom of the page under “Add/Drop Classes.” Click “Submit Changes,” then scroll down to check your schedule and check for error messages.
  • To drop classes: In your current schedule, click the “Web Dropped” option under the “Action” column for the class. Then, click “Submit Changes.”