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Undergraduate Programs

  • B.A. in Computer Science
    The BA/CS degree option is intended for the general study of the principles and practice of computing and is appropriate if you want to keep your career options open, if you want to combine your study of computer science with a second major in another field, or if you are starting out your study of computer science later in your college career. You can meet the requirements of the BA/CS major by choosing one of two tracks: Computer Science, and Information Systems. The Information Systems track is appropriate if you are interested in the design and deployment of business and e-commerce applications, in information technology project management, and in computing or networking infrastructure support.
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    The BS/CS degree option is appropriate if you want to pursue a career as a computing professional or if you plan to enter graduate school. This degree option includes coursework in software design, the theory of computation, algorithms, computer systems, networks, programming languages, and software engineering. You may choose electives in areas such as computer games, information security, artificial intelligence, robotics, and compiler design. The BS/CS degree option also includes courses in mathematics and a science sequence.

    The requirements in the BS/CS degree option include 46 credits in computer science coursework, 14-15 credits in mathematics, and 8 credits in a science sequence.
  • 3-2 Program, Computer Science and Engineering
    Students can also receive an engineering double degree with SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson University. Students completing this 3/2 degree program receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY Potsdam and a Bachelor of Science degree from Clarkson University. The Computer Engineering and Software Engineering programs at Clarkson University are particularly appropriate for students interested in computer science. If you wish to pursue this double degree, you must apply to Clarkson University as well as to SUNY Potsdam.


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    The CS minor is appropriate if you wish to combine coursework in computer science with a major in a closely related area (such as mathematics or a physical science) or if you are interested in understanding the basics of computer science without committing to it as a major. The requirements for a minor in CS include 18 credits in computer science coursework and 5 credits in mathematics.

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