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What You Need To Know

Students who transfer to our college at the beginning of their junior year and who have completed (with good quality work) courses equivalent to MATH 151, 152 and 253 Calculus I, II and Multivariate Calculus should have no difficulty in completing a mathematics major in four semesters. These students must complete at least 18 semester hours of upper division mathematics courses at SUNY Potsdam in order to satisfy the requirements for a major in mathematics at our College.

A student who wishes to satisfy the MATH 423 (Modern Algebra I) or MATH 375 (Linear Algebra I) requirement of the Potsdam mathematics major by transfer credit is expected to complete the second semester of the corresponding course (MATH 524 or MATH 526). In general, such transfer credit must be upper division credit.

All mathematics majors are expected to complete 33 semester hours of mathematics courses satisfying the requirement of the Potsdam Mathematics major. A transfer student who has fewer than twelve hours total in Calculus I, II and Multivariate Calculus should consult the Chair of the Department.

Transfer students should, in any case, consult with the Chair or any mathematics faculty member prior to registration.

Transfer students with high academic promise and who are interested in the B.A/M.A. program should consult with the Chair of the Mathematics Department before electing mathematics courses for the first semester of the junior year.