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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates
Brandon Keough Picture

Major: Geology
Minors: Wilderness Education; Performer's Certificate in Viola
Presidential Scholar Advisor: MaryJo McNamara
Research Advisor: Dr. Michael Rygel

An Analysis and Interpretation of the Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Cyclicity of the Clifton Formation, New Brunswick

The Clifton Formation of New Brunswick has the exciting potential to tell a story of geologic change over time. Often found within these 300 million year old sedimentary rocks are patterns commonly referred to as cyclothems. I will be working to identify these cycles which would hold a record of ancient sea level changes occurring as these rocks were deposited. Furthermore, it may be possible to connect these changes in sea level to the growth and demise of continental glaciers. Fascinatingly, the glaciers in question would have been located at the South Pole while affecting the deposition of these rocks, which at the time was taking place in the tropics. This work also has the potential to provide an analogue for climate change based on the twists and turns of our ancient climate.