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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

What is College in High School (CHS)?

SUNY Potsdam is proud to offer the College in High School "CHS" Program for area high schools and their students. Through the CHS Program participating high schools partner with Early College Programs to award college credit for the successful completion of approved courses offered by the participating high school.

How much does it cost?

Students participating in the CHS Program qualify for the special SUNY reduced tuition rate of $125 per course (versus $835 or more for a 3 credit course as a freshman or typical non-matriculated student), including college and transcript fees. Students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch at their high school are also eligible for an additional discount and will be charged $75 per course.

Will I get college credit?

Upon successfully completing and paying for a CHS course, students will receive academic credit from SUNY Potsdam. These credits will form the basis of a permanent post-secondary academic record at SUNY Potsdam, as CHS students are considered SUNY Potsdam non-matriculated undergraduate students. Credits earned through SUNY Potsdam may be eligible for transfer to other colleges and universities.

Will these credits transfer to the colleges I am applying to?

Students are advised to contact the Admissions Office of the institutions they are particularly interested in attending to inquire about the transfer of SUNY Potsdam credits prior to enrolling in a CHS course. The decision to accept transfer credit from SUNY Potsdam is at the discretion of the receiving institution, although CHS credits are seamlessly transferable to all SUNY institutions.

How do I know what courses my high school offers?

Students interested should contact their high school guidance counselor and/or teacher who, in turn, should email the Office of Early College Programs for additional information regarding the CHS Program.