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Awarding Information

Requesting the TEACH grant/loan

You can request the TEACH grant or loan by writing a letter of request to the Financial Aid Office (3rd Floor, Raymond Hall). This request can also be made by email to This written request must be submitted each year you wish to receive the grant.

Awarding Amounts

  • Maximum award is $4,000 per academic year.
  • Aggregate maximum is $16,000 for undergraduate and graduate study, only $8,000 of which may be for graduate study.
  • The TEACH Grant/Loan may be prorated if the student is not full-time (12 or more credit hours).
  • Total financial aid must not exceed the student's cost of attendance.

Please note: TEACH Grant net award amount reduced due to sequestration. Learn More

If you have any questions regarding this information, contact the Financial Aid Office.