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Additional Financing Options

Still have a bill? Here are some additional options:

  • You can apply to work as a Resident Assistant
    Joining the Residence Life team gives you an arsenal of transferable skills for employment post SUNY Potsdam.  This experience pays for a student's room charge and provides extensive training to develop skills to mentor peers, enhance a student's conflict resolution strategies, and understand techniques for crisis prevention and intervention.  Other desirable skills include event planning, leadership skills, wellness and student development programming are all part of this experience. Contact Residence Life for more information.
  • You can look for a job on campus
    Our Campus offers a variety of job opportunities.  Some opportunities include partial payment or full payment of a student's room charge. Learn More
  • You or your parent can set up a payment plan
    SUNY Potsdam offers a payment plan option - Learn More
  • Your parent can apply for a PLUS Loan - Learn More
  • You can apply for a Private/Alternative loan - Learn More
  • Graduate Students can apply for a Graduate PLUS Loan - Learn More