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Undergraduate Cost of Attendance


Aid appears as a credit on the bill only after it has been certified/confirmed by the Financial Aid Office.

Billed Charges

Tuition (Annual)

In-State Residents$7,070
(fewer than 12 credit hours)$295 per credit hour
Out-of State and International Residents$16,980
(fewer than 12 credit hours)$708 per credit hour

Housing and Meals (Annual)

Room - Standard Double On Campus$9,000
Meal Plan - Standard$6,480

Comprehensive Fees (Annual)

College, Health, Technology, SGA, Fitness, Athletic, Transportation and Career Services$1,642

Additional Fees (As Incurred)

Parking$140 per academic year
Crane Students - Additional Music and Concert feesUp to $700 per semester
Education Majors - Additional Field Experience Fee$35
Art Majors - Additional Studio Art Fee$50 - $200 per course
Dance Majors - Additional Advanced Costume Construction Fee (DANC 323 only)$60
Geology Lab Fee - Additional Lab Fee for GEOL100, 101, 103, & 125 only$10
Graduate Diploma Fee (matriculated students)$3

For a description of these fees, please see the Tuition & Fees sections of the Billing and Payment Information webpage.

Other Expenses to Consider

Books & Supplies$900 - $ 1,340 per year
Personal Expenses$1,324 per year
Transportation$572 - $1,196 per year