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Start-Up NY

Bring your business to Potsdam, NY

  • Great tax incentives
  • Sites available next to campus
  • Work in the scenic North Country

Start-Up NY is an initiative that will provide major incentives for businesses to relocate, start up or significantly expand in New York State, through affiliations with public and private universities, colleges and community colleges. Businesses will have the opportunity to operate state- and local tax-free on or near academic campuses, and their employees will pay no state or local income taxes either. In addition, businesses may qualify for further incentives.

What businesses are eligible for Start-Up NY?

  • New companies in New York State
  • Out-of-state companies that relocate to New York State
  • Expanding companies that already have employees in New York State

Businesses in this program will be able to operate 100% tax-free for 10 years:

  • No state income tax
  • No business or corporate state or local taxes
  • No sales tax
  • No property tax
  • No franchise fees

Why Potsdam?

  • Diverse and talented workforce
  • Great place to work and live
  • Affordable real estate
  • Energy at lower costs
  • Four universities within a 10-mile radius

SUNY Potsdam is well positioned to fully engage our faculty, staff, students, alumni and businesseswith this exciting initiative to foster growth throughout the North Country.

To learn more about Start-Up NY, call or email:

John M. Wicke, Director of Strategic Alliances, SUNY Potsdam

(315) 267-2106 or or visit