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How Do I Have Students Demonstrate A Skill?

How Do I Have Students Demonstrate A Skill?

In addition to writing a document in Word, O365 has other tools that can be used to create and present a written project.  If a skill can’t be easily demonstrated through a paper or project (document), consider having your students use Relay to capture the skill demonstration or use an online meeting to have them verbally demonstrate the skill.

How Do I...

Zoom/Teams- A student can be allowed to present using the Make Presenter meeting settings.  Then, the student can use the Share Screen feature to share their PowerPoint, Desktop, etc.  That said, a student may need to use a computer (not a smartphone/tablet) or use the full version of SFB/Teams to use presenter tools.

OneNote/PowerPoint/etc.- If a student participant can’t share their screen, they can still present IF the student shares the O365 document with you and you use Share Screen during the meeting to display it to the class.

Zoom/Teams- A presenter can active the built-in whiteboard to allow students to draw/sketch answers, ideas, etc.

OneNote/PowerPoint- These tools can also be used as whiteboards to allow students to draw/sketch answers, ideas, etc.  If the O365 document is shared with the class, it can be accessed and co-edited by everyone.

Relay- Using Relay and a webcam is one of the easiest ways for students to record and share a video.

Camcorder- If the student has a digital camera, they can upload the videos to Relay as long as it is in the MP4 format.

Smartphone/Tablet- If the student has a digital device, they can upload videos directly to Relay using the Fuse app (free).

Relay- Using Relay and a webcam (or a headset), students can record anything that displays on their screen.

Zoom/Teams- Since online meetings can be recorded, student presenters can record anything that displays on their screen.  This includes slides, websites, etc.

PowerPoint- Although using Relay is easier, students can technically produce a narrated video using record in the Slide Show tab.

Moodle: The Forum activity is specially designed to facilitate discussions and feedback.

Teams: Chat or Channel posts can be used for conversations and feedback.

Word/OneNote/PowerPoint- If a student shares an O365 file, other students can use Comments to leave feedback.

have a student demonstrate understanding by having them leave comments on my videos?

Relay/Stream- Both have tools to leave time-stamped comments within a video.  Relay’s tools are more robust, also allowing for the drawing of simple shapes and arrows.

Word- Obviously, Word is the easiest way to create a paper.  Although it can be submitted by email, having students upload the Word file to Moodle or Teams is best (e.g. using the Assignment feature).

PowerPoint- A versatile program, PowerPoint slides can be used to present a project.  Among its many features, students could use the Notes feature to include extra information not displayed in the slide or could add imbedded audio (or just make a video of the entire project presentation).  PowerPoint can also be used to create posters and infographics.

OneNote- Designed to function as an electronic version of a paper notebook, OneNote can be used as a wonderful vehicle to organize and present a project.  OneNote notebooks have sections, tabs, and pages that can contain text, images, audio, video, and links to websites as well as other OneNote pages.

Sway- One of the least known O365 products, Sway creates a website-like site that can make for an interesting way to present a project, presentation, or infographic.

Whenever possible, create assignments that can be completed using digital tools (otherwise, see How do I have my students upload an image?).  Using these tools, you and your students will be able to draw over content including text and images (e.g. draw over an image of a cell, chemical structure, a music staff, etc.).  This means you can create worksheets that students can fill out by drawing.

OneNote (Class Notebook): Designed to function as an electronic version of a paper notebook, you can draw on any page. If you use the OneNote app on a tablet, it’s even easier.

PowerPoint - The maximum size of a PowerPoint slide is 56 in x 56 in.  That’s one big canvas. If you don’t see the Draw tab, on a PC you can add it to the ribbon by right-clicking the Home tab, select Customize the Ribbon, check Draw in the right selection-window, and OK.  Additionally, users can use the online O365 version which has a basic Draw tab by default.

Word /Excel- On a PC, the Draw tab may only be available using the full version (i.e not the online O365 version).  To add the tab to the ribbon, right-clicking the Home tab, select Customize the Ribbon, check Draw in the right selection window, and OK.  The Draw tab should be visible by default on a mac.

Whether you need to upload an image/picture/drawing, you can use the upload file features of Moodle, Teams, or OneDrive.  Once uploaded, the file can be shared by link.

Print Item: The easiest way to convert a print item (or other physical item) is to take a picture with a smartphone, tablet, or webcam.  The image file can then be downloaded/upload/emailed.