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Center for Creative Instruction

Continue your journey.  We’ll help.

We support you!  Providing faculty and staff with teaching and technology help is what we do.  Please explore our site for tools and resources to help you in your professional development.  If you find you still have questions, contact us at to open a support ticket.  We’ll do our best to respond promptly and even schedule a follow-up meeting with you if needed.  If you’re interested in collaborative discussion, join the Creative Instructors Community team and post your thoughts and questions in the Professional Development and Brightspace channels (watch Joining a Microsoft Teams with a code – 01:16, code n9v5whd).

Come by each week and check out our Featured section.  We’ll post on important CCI news and highlight new functionality available on your favorite program or app. (Week 6 – 02/26/24)

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When one of your students need alternate dates for an Assignment or Quiz, you can use the “Manage Special Access” feature.

Paper Please
If you’d like to see written instructions for “Special Access,” login to Brightspace and visit the How To Set Up Special Access page in the Brightspace Toolbox.

Posted on Week 5

Engage Participants in Teams
When running your online meeting, Teams provides a host of features that help you enhance engagement with your students or meeting participants. The Become the Best Microsoft Teams Meeting Host – 13:36 video covers many of those features and tools.

Posted on Week 4

Data Reports using AI
You’ve downloaded the data from your MS Form. Now what? If you’re not an EXCEL expert, you might think it will be hard to analyze the data or generate reports. Learn about the incredible AI features in EXCEL that will do all the heavy lifting in creating valuable charts, tables, and graphs from your data (watch Excel AI - data analysis made easy – 08:12).

Posted on Week 3

Notification Flow for Forms
When someone fills out your MS Form, you want your group, office, or department to be notified. While the “Get email notification of each response” feature of MS Forms works for you, other members won’t get the email. Power Automate to the rescue! Learn how easy it is to create a notification flow for your forms (watch Notify a User when a Team (Group) Form is Submitted – 04:02).

Posted on Week 2

Outlook Scheduling Poll
Outlook offers you an easy way to schedule your next meeting! Use the “Scheduling Poll” feature to offer times to meeting attendees (works for on and off campus participants). This feature can even show you when campus participants are busy, so you can select times that are more likely to work. So much better than the back and forth of scheduling by email, take advantage of this great M365 tool (watch How to Use Scheduling Polls in Microsoft Outlook – 08:11).

Posted on Week 1

Meet App in Teams
Where is that meeting recording? With all the different types of Teams meetings, it can be difficult to remember where to go to find the recorded video. The new “Meet” app has got you covered (watch Meet in Teams – 02:04). Not only will it provide quick access to recent meetings, it also provides shortcuts to your upcoming meetings. Quick, easy, and useful, add Meet to Teams today!

Brightspace- Find How-to guides and resources on Brightspace (used to deliver course content and instruction).

Record in M365: Find a complete guide to recording in Teams, Stream, and PowerPoint and sharing with OneDrive.

Base Camp- Find step-by-step guidance on what to learn first if you’re just starting to use technology.

Accessibility- Find resources and tools to help you create accessible content and courses.

Professional Development Form- Select a PD session (from a list of offerings) for your department’s next meet.

Mission & Goals

The mission and goals of each administrative unit have been compiled into one document. View Mission & Goals (PDF).