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Center for Creative Instruction

Continue your journey.  We’ll help.

We support you!  Providing faculty and staff with teaching and technology help is what we do.  Please explore our site for tools and resources to help you in your professional development.  If you find you still have questions, contact us at to open a support ticket.  We’ll do our best to respond promptly and even schedule a follow-up meeting with you if needed.  If you’re interested in collaborative discussion, join the Creative Instructors Community team and post your thoughts and questions in the Professional Development and Brightspace channels (watch Joining a Microsoft Teams with a code – 01:16, code n9v5whd).

Special Bulletin

Knowmia and Zoom
As you prepare for fall 2022, two significant changes are ahead. Both the Knowmia and Zoom contracts end this summer and will be replaced by O365 tools.  Please refer to the CTS posting on the Zoom webpage and use Tech Tools for resources to help you transition to Teams.

The Knowmia transition will be a heavier lift.  User videos on Knowmia must be manually downloaded and uploaded to OneDrive.  In addition, if those videos are to be used in Brightspace, those videos will also need to be added to the specific course.

IMPORTANT: Knowmia users MUST take action to save/delete content on their account.

  • No new videos: Starting 6/1/22, users won’t be able to upload/add content to Knowmia.
  • No Zoom videos: Starting at the end of the semester (5/21/22), Zoom recordings will no longer be transferred to Knowmia.
  • Download videos: Your content will be available until August 22, 2022 (date extend to 08/28).

How to transfer videos from Knowmia to OneDrive

  • Log in to
  • Identify videos you want/need to keep (up-to-date lectures and tutorials, exams, committee meetings, etc.)
    • Note: Exams submitted as videos must be kept (archived) for a full year after a course has ended.
  • Select a video to open the view page
  • Select the …More button and Download
  • Create a folder in OneDrive and upload the video (video tutorial)

As part of the migration to Brightspace, O365 integration will eventually be added.  This will allow OneDrive files to be added directly to your courses from OneDrive.

The CCI works to strengthen, enhance and support teaching and learning by providing services, resources, programming and collaborative opportunities to the campus community.

Come by each week and check out our Featured section.  We’ll post on important CCI news and highlight new functionality available on your favorite program or app. (Summer – 08/04/22)

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Use Outlooks’ new “Bookings with Me” feature to create appointment times others can use to book meetings with you.  This incredible tool is easy to set up, use, and will provide much needed scheduling functionality.

“Bookings with Me.” Game Changer!
Do you need students to sign up for office hours? Advising? Coaching? Projects? Outlook now allows you to offer appointment times others can book to meet with you.  By sharing your personal Bookings with Me webpage, a student or colleague needing to meet with you can schedule an in-person or virtual meeting linked to your Outlook calendar.  You control the times and availability, and the scheduled meeting is automatically added to both calendars!  Watch the Bookings with Me in Outlook video – 02:53 for a complete overview of this great new feature.
How to Record and Share Videos using O365
Should I use Teams or Stream to record videos?  How do I share videos?  Should I upload videos to Brightspace?  The CCI will answer these and other video related questions in the Create and Share Your Videos session. The session will be offered twice (once the week of Aug 15th and once the week before classes).  In addition to an accompanying overview video, a How to Create and Share Your Videos webpage is under construction.  The resource will be accessible to students, faculty, and staff.  More information on these offerings will be posted here and will be emailed to those that have signed up for Featured notifications.

The future is Brightspace
Summer courses have been conducted over the new Brightspace learning management systems.  Overall, this are going well.  For the last messaging and local updates, please go to the SUNY Potsdam Brightspace site (

More Resources

Brightspace- Find How-to guides and resources on Brightspace (used to deliver course content and instruction).

Base Camp- Find step-by-step guidance on what to learn first if you’re just starting to use technology.

Accessibility- Find resources and tools to help you create accessible content and courses.

Professional Development- Submit this form to request a specific PD session or to volunteer to deliver a session.