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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Center for Creative Instruction

Continue your journey.  We’ll help.

We support you!  Providing faculty and staff with the teaching and technology help they need is essential to the Potsdam community.  Please explore our site for tools and resources to help you in your professional development.  If you find you still have questions, contact us at to open a support ticket.  We’ll do our best to respond promptly and even schedule a follow-up meeting with you if needed.

Mission Statement

The CCI works to strengthen, enhance and support teaching and learning by providing services, resources, programming and collaborative opportunities to the campus community.

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Come by each week and check out our Featured section.  We’ll post on important CCI news and highlight new functionality available on your favorite program or app. (Week 7 – 10/11/21)

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As we use OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint more and more, it’s good to know you can recover a file or item you’ve deleted. The process is easy, so watch this short video to find out how.

Office Hours using Zoom
While you can schedule meetings within your Moodle course using the Zoom external tool, it doesn’t work well for office hours.  Instead, you can use your Zoom Personal Meeting Room (01:34).

Knowmia Upgrades
If you haven’t noticed, Knowmia has recently made changes to how videos and folders display in your library.  Also, the Launch Capture app has new features that may require you to do the following (do this in a Chrome browser).

  • Go to
  • Select the Sign in button on the page and sign in using your campus username and password
  • Select the Launch Capture button
  • Select the Open Techsmith Capture button in the pop-up window
  • The campus sign-in page will open (again) and sign in using your campus username and password
  • Capture should launch successfully, and you shouldn’t have to do this again

If you have trouble, you should normally request help directly from Knowmia.  However, TechSmith’s sign-in system has recently changed as well and our campus Knowmia account is not directly linked.  The system should be updated soon, but in the interim, please forward all Knowmia issues to and we will generate a Knowmia support ticket for you.

Office Hours using Teams
Using Teams is a great way to manage Office Hours. Find out how to add an Office Hours channel that your students can use to meet with you without having to schedule meetings. You can even add a direct link to your office hours in Moodle.

Sample Text:

Weekly Times
Monday-Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 3pm.
Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00 am to 1 pm.

Reply to the Office Hours post to let me know you’re waiting.  If I’m not meeting with someone, I’ll ask you to join the meeting.

*If you join, you will be placed in the Lobby until I let you in

Teams Join Code
The easiest way to add users to a Team is to have them use a code.  Ask them to go to the Teams tab in Teams, select the Join or create team button, and use the code you send them to join the team - How to Generate a Join Code in Teams (00:27).

Teams Overview
Microsoft Teams is more than you think!  In addition to its newly upgraded video conferencing features, Teams is a collaborative tool like no other.  Watch Teams Overview - An introduction to new users at Potsdam (08:49) to find out how Teams can revolutionize your work with campus users, groups, and committees.

More Resources

Moodle- Find How-to guides and resources on Moodle (used to deliver course content and instruction).

Base Camp- Find step-by-step guidance on what to learn first if you’re just starting to use technology.

Accessibility- Find resources and tools to help you create accessible content and courses.