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Center for Creative Instruction

Continue your journey.  We’ll help.

We support you!  Providing faculty and staff with teaching and technology help is what we do.  Please explore our site for tools and resources to help you in your professional development.  If you find you still have questions, contact us at to open a support ticket.  We’ll do our best to respond promptly and even schedule a follow-up meeting with you if needed.  If you’re interested in collaborative discussion, join the Creative Instructors Community team and post your thoughts and questions in the Professional Development and Brightspace channels (watch Joining a Microsoft Teams with a code – 01:16, code n9v5whd).

Come by each week and check out our Featured section.  We’ll post on important CCI news and highlight new functionality available on your favorite program or app. (Week 13 – 11/21/22)

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Features, Features, Features!  Check out these new handy features available to you in Teams.  From “scheduling” Chat messages to new Polling features, you’ll love these new additional tools!

Posted on Week 12

Organize your team with Planner
Your group or committee needs to keep track of a project.  Enter Microsoft Planner! This “kanban” style app allows you to organize tasks into groupings called “buckets.”  You can add due dates, notes, files, links, comments and assign tasks to team members.  Watch Tips for Organizing your Tasks – 06:44 for a quick overview and demo.

Posted on Week 11

Create Tasks in Teams
Microsoft “To Do” is a great way to manage your tasks!  Did you know you can create tasks from any post or message in Teams?  To find out how to create tasks quickly and easily in Teams, watch Create Tasks From Microsoft Teams Chats – 04:05.

Posted on Week 10

The CCI realizes that reaching full accessibility compliance, by campus offices and by each individual, will take many purposeful steps.  To help, the CCI has created the First Steps toward meeting EIT Accessibility video – 25:24.  Learn some of the basics needed to create accessible content in Word and PowerPoint.

Posted on Week 9

OneNote in Teams
If you haven’t tried Microsoft OneNote, you’re missing out.  That said, OneNote “versions” over the past few years have been all over the place (its finally settling down).  Watch How to bring your OneNote Notebooks into Teams – 04:47 to find out how you and your group can take advantage of OneNote inside of Teams.

Posted on Week 8

How to Learn Watching Videos!
More and more, we all are presented learning opportunities through video.  Whether YOU are the “learner” or your students, there are simple things you should do to increase your learning effectiveness (watch How to Effectively Watch Videos for Learning – 04:47).  While this short video is geared toward students, it covers many of the basics.

Posted on Week 7

Headings are Awesome!
When you share content, it needs to be accessible to all users.  Step one is to use headings when creating documents in Word (watch How to Create and Customize Headings in Microsoft Word – 05:49).  It’s easy, helps make your document more ADA compliant, and provides a host of other benefits that make it worth learning.

Posted on Week 6

New to Teams
Microsoft’s updates to Teams is non-stop!  Watch the latest features added to Teams (9 New Features – 06:25).  Highlights: Improved integration with Outlook, pre-assign Breakout Rooms for Channel Meetings, Ranking questions in Polls app, reusing Polls question in new meetings.

New Forms and Quizzes
The MS Forms home site has gotten a face-lift.  Check out the new site layout that makes Forms even easier to use, and tryout the new pre-made templates to quickly create your next quiz, form, or poll (watch 7 new features for 2022 – 08:21)

Posted on Week 5

Shared Channels
Microsoft Teams is now even MORE collaborative!  Find out how you can use “Shared Channels” to invite individuals and groups to your Team without giving them access to the entire Team (watch Shared Channels – 10:34).

Import your Word or PDF quiz to MS Forms
Microsoft Forms is a very useful application and now you can use it to create quizzes from your existing Word and PDF documents.  Watch How to use the quick import feature in Microsoft forms – 02:21 for a quick overview.

Posted on Week 4

Record in O365
Introducing the Guide: Record and Share using O365 Tools website (watch Record in O365 for a quick overview – 00:59).  This site is a complete web-tutorial guide on how to use Teams, Stream, PowerPoint and OneDrive.  To go directly to the website, select More Resources and Record in O365.

Posted on Week 3

Record in New Stream
Microsoft has rolled out its first installment of NEW Stream.  Find out how to make quick-and-easy videos using the screen and webcam recorder (watch Record in NEW Stream – 03:40).

Posted on Week 2

Record in Teams
Do you need to create a tutorial video for your class?  Whether you need to screen record, only use your webcam, or both, find out all you need to know to easily record your videos in Teams.  The Record in Teams – 02:23 video guides you through the process from start to finish.

Share with OneDrive
You’ve recorded a video and uploaded to OneDrive, now what?  Watch Share with OneDrive (Video Recordings) – 02:10, to find out how to generate a “share” link and how to post your video in Brightspace.
Settings in OneDrive
You can do more than just share!  Your OneDrive (Stream) videos have fantastic features and settings you need to know about.  Watch OneDrive Video Settings and Features – 02:57 to learn about Video Settings, Comments, Chapters and Transcripts.  This video also covers expiration dates and how to deal with trimming videos.

Posted on Week 1

“Bookings with Me.” Game Changer!
Do you need students to sign up for office hours? Advising? Coaching? Projects? Outlook now allows you to offer appointment times others can book to meet with you.  By sharing your personal Bookings with Me webpage, a student or colleague needing to meet with you can schedule an in-person or virtual meeting linked to your Outlook calendar.  You control the times and availability, and the scheduled meeting is automatically added to both calendars!  Watch the Bookings with Me in Outlook video – 02:53 for a complete overview of this great new feature.

Record in O365: Find a complete guide to recording in Teams, Stream, and PowerPoint and sharing with OneDrive.

Base Camp- Find step-by-step guidance on what to learn first if you’re just starting to use technology.

Accessibility- Find resources and tools to help you create accessible content and courses.

Professional Development- Submit this form to request a specific PD session or to volunteer to deliver a session.

Brightspace- Find How-to guides and resources on Brightspace (used to deliver course content and instruction).

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The CCI works to strengthen, enhance and support teaching and learning by providing services, resources, programming and collaborative opportunities to the campus community.