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Knowledge is Power!  Keep asking questions.

We’ve tried to anticipate your technology and teaching questions.  Each “How do I” page provides answers to the thing you’re trying to do.  Normally, the answer contains info on basic things you should consider and points you to specific tools or resources.  When a tool is offered, be sure to visit the Tech Tools site for training videos and tutorials. If you find you still have questions after reviewing our resources, please contact to open a support ticket.  Also, if you find something is missing and would like us to add it to the site, please let us know.


Our Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) allows instructors to deliver content and instruction to students through a private website.  Brightspace allows faculty to post lectures, videos, web-links, assignments, discussion forums, quizzes, questionnaires and grades. You can find helpful tutorials and information on the Brightspace Home Site and instructors can find course-building resources in the Brightspace Toolbox.

Each How Do I webpage contains general information on a specific topic and lists questions in sub-categories. Although you can use ctrl+f to find content on a webpage (cmd+f on a Mac), unfortunately on our site, you must expand a collapsed section in order for it to be included in the search.