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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

What funding requires Conflict of Interest training?

Conflict of interest training is not required for all grant recipients. It is only required for Public Health Services (PHS) grant recipients.

What offices/agencies does PHS include:

NIH - National Institutes of Health

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

AHRQ - Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality

ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

ASPR - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response

CDC - Centers for Disease Control

HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration

IHS - Indian Health Services

OASH - Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

OGA - Office of Global Affairs

SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Each Investigator* (as defined by the regulation), and each subrecipient investigator(s), must complete Conflict of Interest training at the time of applying for PHS funding and at least every four years, or immediately under the following circumstances:

  • An institution revises its policy in a manner that affects Investigator requirements
  • An investigator is new to the Institution and brings PHS funding with him/her
  • An institution finds that an investigator is not in compliance with the institutions' Conflict of Interest policy or management plan

SUNY Potsdam provides training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). You must register for the training at

How you answer the questions when you register will determine what modules you are required to take. You may add the 'Conflict of Interest Course' after you have registered from the CITI homepage under "Add a Course".

Should you have any questions regarding your registration contact Jack McGuire, x2130, or

*Investigator - includes the following: project director, principal investigator, or anyone responsible for the design, conduct or reporting or research results. It can encompass a collaborator, consultant, subgrantee/subcontractor/subrecipient.