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How to Begin the IRB Process

How to Begin the IRB Process

  1. Contact the IRB Chair (x2688 or
  2. Determine what level of review your project will require.

The Office of Human Research Protections publishes a decision chart to help in determining if a project is exempt, expedited, or requires a full board review. The charts are available online.

  1. Complete and attach all of the appropriate appendices. View the Forms Webpage to accesss the Appendices below.
  2. Appendix A - Level of Review Request - Required for all proposals. This will help you determine what level of review your research will require.
  3. Appendix B - Co-Investigator, Student Researcher or Staff Member Information Sheet. One copy of Appendix B is needed for each co-investigator (NOT the principal investigator), student researcher or staff member. Original signatures are required. Appendix B is not required for students conducting research for a Classroom project. Those students must complete Appendix F signature sheet.
  4. Appendix C - Source(s) of Financial Support. This is required for any project that is or may be receiving funding from an internal SUNY Potsdam source or from an external source.
  5. Appendix D - Conflict of Interest. Required for any project in which any investigator, research assistant or staff has a conflict of interest.
  6. Appendix E - Cooperating Organization Information Sheet. One copy of Appendix E is needed for each external organization involved in the study. Attach either an approval letter form the organization's IRB (Required if the organization has an IRB) or a letter of permission from the organization's administrator (e.g. provost, principal, director, CEO, etc.) if the organization does not have an IRB. Permission letters must be on letterhead with an original signature, including the title of the person granting permission. Faxed or scanned copies will be accepted with an assurance that the original hard copy is in the mail.
  7. Appendix F - Classroom Project Information Sheet. Required for research projects that students will be conducting as a class assignment or activity. Once the class has begun, all students are required to complete the CITI training. Once they have done so, the Appendix F signature sheet must be submitted to the IRB.
  8. Appendix G - Request Permission for Online Data Collection. This is required for research projects in which participants will be recruited via email or surveyed electronically. Once completed, it must be sent to Judy Singh at
  9. Attach all data collection tools - survey instruments, interview questions, solicitation letters, etc.
  10. Attach all consent form(s) and assent form(s). Templates are available on the IRB website at the "Application Materials" link on the left. Note that the Internet Research Declaimer is also available at the "Application Materials" link and must be included in the consent/assent forms for all projects in which data will be collected or sent electronically.
  11. Attach all recruitment materials - flyers, advertisements, letters, emails, press releases, etc...
  12. Submit two copies of the complete proposal to the IRB Co-Chairs:
    • One complete paper copy with original signatures is to be mailed to the address listed below.
    • One complete electronic copy is to be emailed to the e-mail address below.

Lydia Rodriguez
Chair of the IRB
238 Satterle Hall
Phone: 267-2688

Proposal Guidance and Help:

If you have questions about or need help with the application form or process, contact the IRB Chair at the phone number or email address above.