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Endowment Giving

How many of us have the opportunity to do something that, quite literally, will have an impact on young lives for generations to come?

With an endowment gift, you will transform students' lives, and programs will reach new heights of excellence, not only today, but for future generations as well. Your endowment gift will continue to grow in perpetuity, making a lasting difference for SUNY Potsdam students for years to come.

What is an endowment fund?
An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. When you establish an endowment, the Potsdam College Foundation invests and manages your fund as part of our total endowment. While your original gift is not spent, an annual distribution of income from the gift is made for the purpose you designate. Because the gift principal remains intact, the endowed fund will generate support in perpetuity. Endowment gifts increase the College's financial stability and provide funding for a multitude of student experiences and academic programs.

How much money does it take to start an endowment?
A gift of $25,000 or more will establish an endowment. Examples of funds that you can endow at Potsdam include:

  • Scholarship funds
  • Program/academic support funds
  • Endowed faculty and staff positions
  • Greatest needs of students and the College (through the Third Century Endowment)

You decide what programs or services you want to support and we will work with you to match your interests with the opportunities at the College.

Why should I endow a gift?
By endowing a scholarship or program fund during your lifetime, you will have the joy of seeing your gift in action, experiencing first-hand the impact it has on a student, program, or faculty member. And in turn, those impacted by your gift will have the benefit of knowing you (if you so choose), and being personally inspired by your generosity.

How do I go about making an endowed gift?
You can decide if you would like to fund your endowment now with an outright gift or after your lifetime with an estate gift.

  • Outright gift: An endowment gift can be pledged and fulfilled over five years, according to a schedule that best works for you. You can give cash, securities or other assets to an endowment fund. We will prepare a written agreement detailing your gift plan, the endowment funds purpose, and any awarding information. You and the VP of Advancement will sign the agreement. Annually, you will receive a report on the use of your endowment fund.
  • Estate gift: You can establish an endowment through an estate gift by including funding provisions in your estate plan. We encourage you to let us know of your wishes in advance to be sure we can honor them. You can also create a giving plan that combines both outright and estate gifts. To discuss estate gifts to benefit Potsdam, please contact Jason Ladouceur '94, Director of Planned Giving at 315-267-2123.

Whose name is on the endowment?
The Potsdam College Foundation offers a variety of naming opportunities in recognition of significant gifts to the College, including endowment gifts. You can name an endowment for yourself, your family, your friend, your favorite professor, your company—the choice is yours.

Thank you for considering a gift that will transform SUNY Potsdam students' lives for generations. Please contact the Office of College Advancement at (315) 267- 2190 or by emailing to discuss how you can make a gift of a lifetime!